Sunday, November 30, 2014

Holiday Movie Quote #1

Buckle your seatbelts!! I'm bringing back Movie Quotes for the holidays since it is, after all, my favorite time of year! Tonight we are watching this movie (kids' choice):

"If I could work my will, every idiot who goes around with "a Merry Christmas" on his lips would be cooked with his own turkey and buried with a stake of holly through his heart!"

 Any guesses?

Well, if not, here is something fun: our yummy dinner recipe!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Each and Every Day is a Gift

I'm absolutely unmotivated today.  It's really pretty ridiculous. 

I've been thinking a lot about this blog and how much I miss it.  I regret not having posted several times a week for the last couple years.  It was/is such a big part of my life.  I've watched my family grow on this blog, and adored every moment of it.  I've even gone back a few times and just picked a random month from sometime in the past and read through the events - some big, but a lot of them very minor.  I adore my family and I'm pretty sure I mention it on every single blog post.  I just can't help myself.  And, of course, when you see me with my kids or ask me about them on the street, I probably respond by rolling my eyes, shaking my head, and griping about whatever most recent thing they've done - forgetting homework, shitting their pants, refusing to wear deodorant - and yes, those all happened this week.  Lucky me.  But the truth, is that despite every single shitty moment (literally and figuratively), my family is my everything. They are perfect as they are, with chewed off fingernails, tangled hair that looks like a rat's nest, and poop-streaked underroos.  I absolutely wouldn't trade these days of loud little kids and backseat arguments for anything in the world! 

Each day is truly a precious gem.  I certainly know that tomorrow is not promised.  I know that today is a gift.  But the ability to remember the gifts of yesterday and yesteryear is truly amazing through the words and pictures posted on this blog.  And so, as I usually do when I'm here, I'm hoping to recommit to documenting the amazing adventures that Chuck and I are going through as parents and as professionals.  There have been unbelievably big changes in our lives this year, and yet, so much of our beautiful life has remained the same. Soccer practices, church on Sunday, piano lessons, laundry, school work, bills -- it all continues in a beautiful circle.  So, today, I want to tell you (and God) how grateful I am for all of it.  Perhaps I'm feeling a little sentimental, perhaps all the Thanksgiving posts are prompting my wistfulness, but here I am remember how much the love and friendship in my life means and how little the "things" in my life will ever mean.  Blessings abound, and those blessings can't be purchased. 

I hope that this will lead me to blog more, to share my life with you, and remember how amazing my family and friends are each and every day.  To each of you reading this (which I'm amazed that you all are still out there), please don't hesitate to send me reminders that it's time for a post.  I will absolutely appreciate any reminder you give me, because the stuff in this blog is who I am, what I'm made of, and absolutely something to hold onto forever.

Hugs to you all today - even if it's bromantic hug like the one below!

My animal whisperer (that's an injured butterfly).

 Eyes like Puss in Boots.

Our Halloween celebrations which seemed to go on and on this year. I loved it!

Toasting our family!

Two future presidents (or so they've declared)!

Time with my best friend and co-CEO in our nonprofit business (aka Our Family).

Sports for all of us!


I don't have a picture of Chuck running (which he's doing regularly now and I'm not), but his mom sent this to me and it's absolutely breathtaking, so I had to include it!
And even in our underwear.
Every moment is worth it!