Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The sun is still shining.

So, yeah, I know I suck at this.  Of course, I'm probably the only person who will regret not having posted all the fun stuff that's been going on in our lives over the last couple months, but the truth is that it's been pretty miserable over all.  The short (and completely understated) story is that we are experiencing some setbacks career-wise.  It's been devastating to say the least, especially after all the hard work and sacrifices we have made through the years to build our careers.  Still, I remind myself daily and thank the Lord often for all the blessings I have - my husband, children, family, friends, health, and joy.  We are truly blessed, and the events going on in our lives are merely emphasizing what is truly important to us - each other and our family. 

Of course, while all this is going on (and occupying too much of our time), the rest of life continues to go on, as it should.  The kids wrapped up a fun soccer season, Luke is still taking piano, Evie's last Brownies meeting is today, and George graduates from Pre-school tomorrow.  Tomorrow!!! 

Last weekend, we went on our annual trek to the beach to hang out with our friends at White Trash Beach Bash 14.  Amazing that we've been doing this for so long.  Hats off to my girlfriends for keeping it going.  Chuck and I love going every year. 

Of course, this year we did it on the super-duper cheap (and it's already a really cheap trip - keeping with the theme of "white trash" and all that).  But, with all the stress, we really needed some time to let our worries fall away, even if just for an hour at a time during the long weekend.  You know, beer pong and flip cup have a way of making you forget serious things and focus on the lame fun you can have with good friends and some red solo cups filled with beer.  Silly, I know. 

As for my sweet babies, well, they are wonderful -- annoying and poopy and demanding -- but wonderful all the same.  School ends soon, which is simply amazing. They've grown so much - each of them. 

Next year, I'll have three children all going to the same school at the same time for the one and only time in their entire lives.  I'm going to love it!  This has never happened and will never happen again, unless we go to private school which seems highly unlikely.

Evie celebrated her Firs Communion during all of this too.  We were so lucky to have all the family come into town for the celebration.  I took a ton of pictures of everyone, but this will have to suffice for now.  Can't believe how old my kids are!

While all this is going on, my practice is getting busier - which is always a good thing, right?  My goal is to requier an office - an actual office not in my home - by the end of the year.  I'm getting close!  New clients are great, and old clients are fantastic.  I'm loving what I am doing, and I hope I'll get to continue running my own practice, but it may mean returning to a smaller firm where there are more resources.  I guess we'll have to wait and see.  In the mean time, I'm embracing the wonderful flexibility of my career.

Now, I thought it was also time to update you on my New Year's Resolutions.  Remember those?  Yeah, so I'm doing well with two of the three.  The first one is to run a marathon.  I'm working on it.  I'm not feeling too good about it, but at least I'm moving forward.  I'm in the Chicago marathon which takes place on October 12th.  I've officially started marathon training with Luke's Locker here in Fort Worth, and let me tell you, I've rarely felt as inadequate as I do running with all those people.  Nonetheless, this goal is about plodding across the finishline - not about setting some fancy running record. 

Second, I've totally been awesome about praying with the kids on the way to school every morning.  We've gotten a bit lax about prayers at night, mostly because they are going to bed at different times now and they've started putting themselves to bed without us holding their hands every step of the way.  We've also been fantastic about getting to church this year - mostly because I taught Evie's Sunday School class, so we were committed.

But the last resolution has been shit, and I know it.  I planned to post on the blog more.  I know.  I have to tell you that facing difficult times makes me less inclined to share or post.  It's sometimes so difficult to shed the frustrations and find time to post about the everyday blessings - but they are there - just like the sun that keeps shining behind the rain clouds.  We may not see the sun while it is raining, but that doesn't mean it isn't there.  I mean, just look at these blessings!

So, I thank each of you for your prayers during our difficult times.  I know we are going to get through this, but the support from our family and friends has been humbling and overwhelming.  This is what life is all about.




This is my joy.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

The Game of Life

Luke decided to spend some of his birthday money on The Game of Life.  He loves it!  He read every detail of the rules/instructions that came with the game before we played last night.  Evie was busy doing some homework, so it was just the boys and Chuck and me.  And it was pretty darn fun! 

Luke told us all how to play.  He designated Chuck as the banker.  Chuck and I both choose to take the college path and the boys both took the career path.  Luke was a farmer and George was a mechanic.  They were thrilled!  I was lucky to choose lawyer and Chuck was a brain surgeon. 

Let me tell you, Chuck won by a long shot.  In the end, I tried to point out to the kids that Chuck and I won first and second place (by several million dollars) because we decided to go to college.  They remain unconvinced about our paths. 

Even though the game says it is for ages 8 and up, I was thrilled that George was basically able to play the game with only a little assitance from the rest of us.  You know, like we had to read everything for him and take care of his money, but otherwise, he could spin and move the pieces and put his kids in the car and make decisions.  And let me tell you, his decisions were hilarious!  He wanted to have kids in the worst way.  He even fudged one of his spins so that he could have twins.  In the end, he ended up with five kids!  I only asked him to name the three kids, so I can announce that my first grandkids were named Theresa, Amber, and Hammer.  I was quite flattered.  Luke, on the other hand named his kids Bobby and Joe.  I had four kids in the game, and Chuck opted not to have any...and I'm still pondering that... 

The most disturbing portion of this game, however, was when George announced in his first turn of the game that he wanted to sue somebody so he could collect money.  My eyes widened at his announcement and I asked where he had heard such a thing.  Apparently, this came from Luke.  And, true to his word, he got a card that said to sue one of the other players and collect $20K.  He chose to sue Chuck.  Look at the satisfaction on his face.  I think it's a sign.