Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I started my day with a rainbow right outside my window at work. How did you start your day?

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Feeling introspective today. It's rainy. My kids are perpetually sick, but not ill, so I thank God. And I have a wonderful, blessed family and husband. But still there are days when it is wearing to have to leave the kids at home, haul my ass into work, and address other people's problems. Other days my job feels like a gift. After all, I get paid well, I have my own office and secretary, and ultimately I help people with their problems. It's a circular argument that may not even make sense to all of you out there because this is mostly just my train of thought splashed onto my own little blog space in the midst of this giant world.

So, I'll leave you with a poem that I'm reminded of when I start to feel introspective. It was written in 1923 by William Carlos Williams (yes, weird that his name is William Williams). It is simple, but decidedly great American literature - at least that's what the experts say. You tell me what you think. I studied this poem in undergrad (English and History major) and bragged to Chuck that one day I would have this poem framed and hung in my office to remind me that just a few words can be profound, and greatness can be simple, and that I will absolutely never completely understand poetry.

so much depends

a red wheel

glazed with rain

beside the white

That's it. One sentence. It reminds me of modern art - another type of composition that I don't understand. Still, to me, this poem captures the essence of life - trapped in just a few words that depict a simple scene - one of the many that make up our daily lives. I'm not sure that's the conclusion of the experts' analysis, but that's how I see it.

Monday, June 28, 2010

Sleepover & Hermione

Luke had a sleepover with his friend Matthew last night. Let me just say that they were cracking me up once they "went to sleep." I made the mistake of telling them that the could come get me if they needed anything. Ugh - huge mistake. Luke came to tell me that the dogs were lonely, they needed drinks of water, he spilled his water, the dogs are talking, etc. I was so tired by the end of the evening, but highly amused. What good kids. It's amazing how happy Luke was to have a friend over. It makes me wish that we actually lived on a street where there were a bunch of kids that Evie and Luke and George could play with on a regular basis. That would be a lot of fun. Oh well. I'll have to settle for sleepovers instead.

On another note, I put Evie's hair in braids and this is what it looked like when we took them out. Poor girl.
Lindsey dubbed her "Hermione Granger." And is that chocolate on her face? Who knows.

P.S. That's what she looked like BEFORE she projectile vomited all over Lindsey's car. She has the worst luck.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Looking forward to another wonderful weekend with the family. No plans at all. It's the best thing ever!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sweet Cheeks & Aunt Mary

We sure do miss this London lady - my sister Mary.


More spoiled.

And the other two ragamuffins playing air guitars.

The Web

Every morning I walk to my car and have to walk around this lone orb weaver spider who has built his beautifully intricate web between my car and the bushes that line my driveway. He sits perched in the middle of the web waiting for an insect to fly into his trap. I admire his handy work and quickly glimpse to see if he scored any catches overnight. Then I climb into my car and feel a tug of regret knowing I will destroy his wonderful hard work as soon as I place my car in reverse and back out of my driveway.

It is his hard work and so much more than just a web.

I destroy it each morning.

He rebuilds it each night.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Times Are Changing

My morning goodbye.

We snuggled for 15 minutes this morning. I love him.

On another note, this sweet, wonderful woman is leaving our family one month from today.

I'm certain it will take more than a lot of adjustment.

On the bright side, she will be reunited with her family, who I know she misses terribly.

And on an even brighter side, we will welcome this wonderful young lady into our home and our hearts.

Her name is Rosie, and we can't wait to meet her in person.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Movie Quote 63

I caught Evie enthralled with this movie yesterday.

You're a fake and a phony and I wish I never laid eyes on you!

"Snake Bitten"

That's what the doctor said when I took Luke and Evie in yesterday. Evie appears to have a bladder infection - she's peeing constantly and has wet the bed the past few nights. At four and a half years old, she's pretty much past the bed wetting stage. When I picked her up to take her to the doctor, Luke complained that he was hot and that his throat and tummy hurt. I took his temperature and it was 101 degrees so I took him with me. He was diagnosed with strep throat.

The pharmacy welcomed us back with open arms.

This morning I had the nodules in my goiter (enlarged thyroid) biopsied. The doctor told me it would be no big deal - done right there in the office, numbed if I needed it, no bandages and I could go right back to work afterward. Let me tell you that it was not "no big deal"! It HURT. I guess if I had gone in there with the expectation that it was going to hurt like an em-effer, then yeah, maybe it wouldn't have been that bad, but since I was prepped for it not to hurt, I was pissed off when it did. I guess I'm a bit like Evie in that respect. They did three separate fine needle biopsies. Honestly, the poke of the needle didn't really hurt at all but the prodding around in and out for about a minute each time was extremely uncomfortable. I think I ended up doing some form of Lamaze breathing for the second and third. That sucked monkey butt.

So, yes, I guess we are a little snake bitten, but at least we're all alive and probably easily curable.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Sweet Chucky Love

Despite Luke and Evie's repeated attempts to convince me that Chuck needed a Nerf gun and a prince Barbie for Father's Day, he ended up with two ties (chosen by Evie), a blue tooth, and a toaster oven. No, he didn't understand the toaster oven either, but I swear he talks about wanting a toaster oven on a fairly regular basis. So, he got a toaster oven.

We also went to see Toy Story 3 yesterday afternoon and that evening we went to Concerts in the Garden at the Botanic Gardens in Fort Worth. The Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra plays various types of music (last night was big band music) and then there is a fireworks show at the end of the evening. Despite the fact that it was 101 degrees yesterday afternoon, the weather was surprisingly nice once the sun went down. Luke was totally pissed that there were fireworks -- he HATES the noise they make. The other two, however, seemed to like the fireworks, so it appears that Luke is outnumbered on this issue.

Overall, it was very pleasant, and I HAVE to post a video of George playing with a toy sword (one of those glow-in-the-dark things that you pay too much for). It is pretty darn funny, but it is on Chuck's phone, so I'll have to have him send it to me.

Hope you all had a wonderful Father's Day.

P.S. Luke is insistent that there ought to be a "Brother's Day." Anyone want to petition for that?
Um . . . yeah. I'm still here.

Friday, June 18, 2010



Thursday, June 17, 2010

Pictures today

Pictures today because I'm busy with my billable hours.
I loathe billable hours.

The other kids were too busy in the pool to let me take their picture.

And here's a text I received from Lindsey.

She's a saint to put up with us.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Father's Day is coming

So, Father's Day is coming up this weekend. I sat the kids down this morning after Chuck had left for work (we're actually all still asleep when Chuck leaves for work, so this isn't much of a problem), so we could discuss what kind of gift they would like to get Chuck to celebrate Father's Day.

Luke quickly announced, "A nerf gun!"

I cocked my head to the side and gave him my best give-me-a-break look and said, "A nerf gun? Daddy already has one of those and so do you. Remember that it is Father's Day, not Luke Day. Evie, what do you think?"

Evie followed with some hemming and hawing.

Luke cut her off before she could say anything and stated obnoxiously, "NO Barbies!"

Evie hemmed some more and said, "A movie?"

Me, "Maybe. That's a good idea. What kind of movie?"

Evie, "I dunno."

Luke, "We could get him Star Wars VI?"

Me, "No, Daddy already has Star Wars VI. Remember? You went with him to buy it on DVD . . . last night?" I looked pointedly at the box for the Star Wars Trilogy that was still sitting on our coffee table.

Luke, "Oh."

Me, "Any other ideas?"

There was a brief pause as they contemplated. Then Evie's face lit up and she said, "I know! Another prince Barbie!"

Me, "Well, that is a good idea. But that's what you got him for Christmas, remember? So, one is probably enough for Daddy."

Evie's face fell a little. I waited a little longer before stating, "Well, you guys think about it some more today and we'll see if we can come up with something for him, okay?"

They didn't even shrug to acknowledge me. Oh well.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Paper Towels

After dinner (and a full day of watching TV), Luke appeared in the dining room where Chuck, Lindsey and I were still lingering over the remnants of Shepherd's Pie (Lindsey cooked again). He asked, "Mom?! Do you want a paper towel that can clean up a spill in just one wipe?!" He made a wiping movement with his arm.

I looked surprised and said with feigned excitement, "Well, yes! Of course. That would be wonderful."

Luke, "Well, they have one that will clean up your spill in one wipe!"

Me, "Where did you hear about it?"

Luke excitedly stated, "On a commercial!"

Me, "Ah ha. Well, what is it called?"

Luke, "I don't know."

Me, "Hmm. Well let me know next time you see it."

Luke said okay and retreated to who knows where.

A couple minutes later he reappeared and said, "Mom! It's called Viva, I think."

Me, "The paper towel?"

Luke, "Uh huh. The one that cleans a spill in one wipe! It's called Viva."

Me, "Okay."

Luke, "Are you going to buy it?"

Me, "Uh. Maybe. I'll think about it, okay?"

Luke, "Okay." And then he ran away again, presumably to go watch more infomercials.

Dog Dip and the Movie Theater

Did you know that the stuff you have to put in your hair to kill lice is dog dip? Seriously -- dog dip -- the stuff they use to kill fleas. Our entire house reeks with it. And Chuck and I reached a whole new level in our relationship when we had to apply it to each others hair like we're apes grooming each other.

On a side note, our pediatrician told me that one of the common ways children get lice is from movie theater seats. Adults don't usually lean their heads against the chairs, but little kids sit there with their heads right in the middle of the back of the chair. Disgusting. Think about that next time you're at the movie theater.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Friday bites.

Quick update:

Evie woke up four times last night crying because her ear hurt.

At 5:00 a.m. I gave her more Motrin and slept in her bed with her.

At 9:35 a.m. we showed up at the pediatrician's office (5 minutes late).

At 10:30 a.m. we finally saw the pediatrician.

I described (1) the ear; (2) the ER visit; (3) her slight congestion in her chest; and (4) a very recent resurgence of her itchy scalp which I confirmed was another (or a continued) bout with lice (discovered AFTER I slept with her in her bed).

Dr. M wrote a prescription for the ear infection, a prescription for her congestion, and a prescription for the entire family to treat lice.

11:30 I dropped of the prescriptions.

11:45 - I arrived at work and promptly left to attend a two-hour luncheon for the State Bar of Texas.

2:00 I arrived back in the office and will bill my first 1/10 of an hour for the day.

Today bites.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Took the kids to a Fort Worth Cats baseball game a couple days ago. They were super excited and when we pulled into the parking lot Luke exclaimed with excitement, "It's just how I remember it!!!" Then he disappeared and spent the rest of the night in a giant sandbox and jump house. He didn't watch a single minute of the game.

George had fun running up and down the empty aisles. (The game was obviously not heavily attended.) And he fell down almost 50 times (okay, maybe I'm exaggerating a little - but only a little).

And a very nice man who works for the Cats gave Evie this baseball. She loves it.

The summer clerks at my law firm were at the game with the associate attorneys. It's part of our "wine and dine" which is more like "beer and peanuts", but whatever. I kind of broke the rules a little because I brought the family (paid for them myself and we sat elsewhere), but I took a little hiatus from the family to visit with the clerks and other associates (dragged George over there with me). It was better than ditching the whole family for an entire evening of firm obligations. It's hard to make it all balance, but I try to in little ways like that.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Movie Quote 62

Time for another Movie Quote! This is the first movie Chuck and I watched while we celebrated the first Champagne Thursday at our house.

I don't care if you slept with hundreds of men, you're my mom, and I love you so much.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

George's First Time Out

Needless to say, he is not a fan.

Since Luke's school is out for summer, Lindsey is experiencing two boys in the house during the day. And obviously, with Luke, you never know where the conversation will lead. For example here's a conversation between him and Lindsey today:

My sympathies ago out to her.

*Shaking my head with disappointment*

Saturday afternoon Luke politely asked, "Mommy, what kind of people are fat people?"

Me, "Um . . . Wow . . . Hmm . . . I guess all kinds of people are fat people. Young people, old people, white, black, and yellow people. Fat people could be boys or girls, mommies and daddies, grandmas." I shrugged my shoulders. "You know, fat people could be anyone."

Me, in my head, "Oh, he's going to be a messed up little boy. What a weird question."

Sunday afternoon, I was getting ready to go into the pool with the family. I had just rubbed sunscreen on the three little ones and was applying the less than 100 SPF sunscreen to my body which was comfortably, if not attractively, outfitted in my I-Don't-Give-A-Shit-How-I-Look bikini. As I rubbed sunscreen into my stomach, Luke came up to me, pointed to my belly and exclaimed with amusement, "Mommy! You're belly is soooo FAT! You're one of the fat people!"

I stopped rubbing in the sunscreen, sighed and muttered, "Thanks, Luke."

Needless to say, I started back on my diet yesterday.

Friday, June 4, 2010

No staples, no lice.

After waiting three hours to get Evie's staples put in last week at the ER, we spent a mere three minutes in the ER this morning having them pulled out. The waiting room was empty and there was only one other patient being treated when we were there. Crazy!

Luckily, they ushered us right back and took the staples out right away. The male nurse told Evie that it might pull her hair a little bit. She said "okay" with little concern. She started to tear up, however, after they pulled out the first one. Then she full on screamed and cried when they pulled out the second one. Looked very uncomfortable from my point of view.

After her tears dried up and we were in the car driving home she was pissed about the fact that it hurt. She told me over and over that the nurse said it would only pull her hair but it hurt. I nodded my head and sympathized with her. Then she went on and on about how Lindsey had told her it wouldn't hurt but it did. And she kept telling me that she was going to tell Lindsey all about it because it hurt. Clearly she does not like being misinformed or misled with regard to what to expect.

All is well now. Her head is healed, the lice are gone, and she, Lindsey and I are all going out on a date tonight. Should be a fun girls night out.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Last night in the middle of a dream that I was ironing (*shudder from disgust*), I woke up to another nightmare--George was crying, burning up with fever, and starting to retch. Poor baby. I held his heated little body over the toilet and let him heave up whatever nastiness was in his churning tummy. Then I gathered him close and comforted him while Chuck found a thermometer, got a sippy cup of water, and put a sheet liner* on George's bed in preparation for a full night of cleaning up vomit. Luckily, after about 1/2 and hour George returned to sweet slumber and there was no more vomit to deal with. He's still a little out of sorts today, but at least he is better and his fever is down. So I left him in Lindsey's capable and loving arms and headed into work.

Then, as I was sitting in a conference regarding municipal regulations of oil and gas wells (*shudder again from disgust*), I received a text from Lindsey asking me "What is the best thing to buy to get rid of lice?" I froze while scratching my head and responded, "WHAT?!?! Oh my god. There is stuff at the pharmacy. Just ask. Who has lice?!?!" I scratched my neck.

Turns out Evie apparently has lice. I've never had lice, never seen lice, never treated lice. I have no idea what to do, but Lindsey has it all in hand. Hell, she's even tried to comfort me. Bless her. *scratching the top of my scalp*

She's already stripped the beds and purchased all the required shampoo and stuff to eliminate the presence of lice. *just scratched my ear lobe* I guess we're all in store for a good washing with nasty lice shampoo.

And tomorrow, we get to dive back into the emergency room drama and have Evie's staples removed from the back of her head. I'm not looking forward to that. Wish us luck. The removal is supposed to hurt worse than when they put the staples in.

The silver lining is that we are well-stocked with wine, champagne, and scotch so at least there is a little treat waiting at home for us to ease our pain.

For now, here are some pics of the kids from the past few weeks. Enjoy.

*thanks, Emily.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Movie Quote 61

For the White Trash Beach Bash crew (especially K).

I thought I was looking at my mother's old douche-bag, but that's in Ohio.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day 2010

Miss me? Yeah, I missed you too.

Spent the weekend on the beach (Lake Jackson) with good friends, a ridiculous amount of mosquitoes and other biting insects, and lots and lots and LOTS of beer. Ouch. This is the 10th year that the group has been meeting at the beach on Memorial Day weekend. It was dubbed "White Trash Beach Bash" and it is an event that Chuck and I look forward to every year. After a day and a half I'm usually worn out completely, but this year we held on for another day of fun.

Oh, and this is the sign right outside our beach house.
Welcome to Texas, right?

Can you read it? It says "WARNING. Rattlesnakes. Enter at your own risk."

The Martins getting Iced in a game called Bros Icing Bros. Not sure why I caught both of them and no one else getting Iced. Weird.

Jack on the deck at the beach house.

Thomas at Kitty's Purple Cow.

And then the power went out on the entire beach while we were at a restaurant for dinner Saturday night. The group began singing in the dark. I don't know why. Drunk people do weird things that seem perfectly reasonable, sane and funny at the moment. You can hear the video (can't see it because it was pitch black) by clicking here. Geez, I just listened to it and muttered to myself, "Oh Lord." Seriously, that is what a bunch of drunk thirty-somethings (and two pregnant women) sound like. Wow. Thanks to the sober ones for putting up with the drunkards.

Here are some cute pictures of my babies from the weekend. I missed them sooooo much! I was so anxious to get home yesterday so I could snuggle with these little munchkins.

George eating pizza at Chuck E. Cheese.

He can eat a whole slice, but the big kids whine that they need
theirs cut up into smaller bites. Wimps.

Luke and Evie decided to dress up as cowboys yesterday for no apparent reason.
Damn, they're cute.

Precious Evie. Isn't she beautiful?

I feel so blessed to have such wonderful friends and family.
What a beautiful and exhausting weekend.