Monday, June 21, 2010

Sweet Chucky Love

Despite Luke and Evie's repeated attempts to convince me that Chuck needed a Nerf gun and a prince Barbie for Father's Day, he ended up with two ties (chosen by Evie), a blue tooth, and a toaster oven. No, he didn't understand the toaster oven either, but I swear he talks about wanting a toaster oven on a fairly regular basis. So, he got a toaster oven.

We also went to see Toy Story 3 yesterday afternoon and that evening we went to Concerts in the Garden at the Botanic Gardens in Fort Worth. The Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra plays various types of music (last night was big band music) and then there is a fireworks show at the end of the evening. Despite the fact that it was 101 degrees yesterday afternoon, the weather was surprisingly nice once the sun went down. Luke was totally pissed that there were fireworks -- he HATES the noise they make. The other two, however, seemed to like the fireworks, so it appears that Luke is outnumbered on this issue.

Overall, it was very pleasant, and I HAVE to post a video of George playing with a toy sword (one of those glow-in-the-dark things that you pay too much for). It is pretty darn funny, but it is on Chuck's phone, so I'll have to have him send it to me.

Hope you all had a wonderful Father's Day.

P.S. Luke is insistent that there ought to be a "Brother's Day." Anyone want to petition for that?

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