Thursday, June 10, 2010


Took the kids to a Fort Worth Cats baseball game a couple days ago. They were super excited and when we pulled into the parking lot Luke exclaimed with excitement, "It's just how I remember it!!!" Then he disappeared and spent the rest of the night in a giant sandbox and jump house. He didn't watch a single minute of the game.

George had fun running up and down the empty aisles. (The game was obviously not heavily attended.) And he fell down almost 50 times (okay, maybe I'm exaggerating a little - but only a little).

And a very nice man who works for the Cats gave Evie this baseball. She loves it.

The summer clerks at my law firm were at the game with the associate attorneys. It's part of our "wine and dine" which is more like "beer and peanuts", but whatever. I kind of broke the rules a little because I brought the family (paid for them myself and we sat elsewhere), but I took a little hiatus from the family to visit with the clerks and other associates (dragged George over there with me). It was better than ditching the whole family for an entire evening of firm obligations. It's hard to make it all balance, but I try to in little ways like that.

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