Tuesday, June 22, 2010

"Snake Bitten"

That's what the doctor said when I took Luke and Evie in yesterday. Evie appears to have a bladder infection - she's peeing constantly and has wet the bed the past few nights. At four and a half years old, she's pretty much past the bed wetting stage. When I picked her up to take her to the doctor, Luke complained that he was hot and that his throat and tummy hurt. I took his temperature and it was 101 degrees so I took him with me. He was diagnosed with strep throat.

The pharmacy welcomed us back with open arms.

This morning I had the nodules in my goiter (enlarged thyroid) biopsied. The doctor told me it would be no big deal - done right there in the office, numbed if I needed it, no bandages and I could go right back to work afterward. Let me tell you that it was not "no big deal"! It HURT. I guess if I had gone in there with the expectation that it was going to hurt like an em-effer, then yeah, maybe it wouldn't have been that bad, but since I was prepped for it not to hurt, I was pissed off when it did. I guess I'm a bit like Evie in that respect. They did three separate fine needle biopsies. Honestly, the poke of the needle didn't really hurt at all but the prodding around in and out for about a minute each time was extremely uncomfortable. I think I ended up doing some form of Lamaze breathing for the second and third. That sucked monkey butt.

So, yes, I guess we are a little snake bitten, but at least we're all alive and probably easily curable.

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Mom said...

Poor Evie, It seems like it is just one thing after another. And then add strep throat for Luke. I guess you had your share of problems today. Love you.