Monday, June 14, 2010

Paper Towels

After dinner (and a full day of watching TV), Luke appeared in the dining room where Chuck, Lindsey and I were still lingering over the remnants of Shepherd's Pie (Lindsey cooked again). He asked, "Mom?! Do you want a paper towel that can clean up a spill in just one wipe?!" He made a wiping movement with his arm.

I looked surprised and said with feigned excitement, "Well, yes! Of course. That would be wonderful."

Luke, "Well, they have one that will clean up your spill in one wipe!"

Me, "Where did you hear about it?"

Luke excitedly stated, "On a commercial!"

Me, "Ah ha. Well, what is it called?"

Luke, "I don't know."

Me, "Hmm. Well let me know next time you see it."

Luke said okay and retreated to who knows where.

A couple minutes later he reappeared and said, "Mom! It's called Viva, I think."

Me, "The paper towel?"

Luke, "Uh huh. The one that cleans a spill in one wipe! It's called Viva."

Me, "Okay."

Luke, "Are you going to buy it?"

Me, "Uh. Maybe. I'll think about it, okay?"

Luke, "Okay." And then he ran away again, presumably to go watch more infomercials.

1 comment:

The Potters said...

Well, Viva paper towels ARE the best! At least he's learning things that are factually accurate. ;)