Friday, June 4, 2010

No staples, no lice.

After waiting three hours to get Evie's staples put in last week at the ER, we spent a mere three minutes in the ER this morning having them pulled out. The waiting room was empty and there was only one other patient being treated when we were there. Crazy!

Luckily, they ushered us right back and took the staples out right away. The male nurse told Evie that it might pull her hair a little bit. She said "okay" with little concern. She started to tear up, however, after they pulled out the first one. Then she full on screamed and cried when they pulled out the second one. Looked very uncomfortable from my point of view.

After her tears dried up and we were in the car driving home she was pissed about the fact that it hurt. She told me over and over that the nurse said it would only pull her hair but it hurt. I nodded my head and sympathized with her. Then she went on and on about how Lindsey had told her it wouldn't hurt but it did. And she kept telling me that she was going to tell Lindsey all about it because it hurt. Clearly she does not like being misinformed or misled with regard to what to expect.

All is well now. Her head is healed, the lice are gone, and she, Lindsey and I are all going out on a date tonight. Should be a fun girls night out.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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