Saturday, October 30, 2010

Most adorable Halloween kids ever!

We got to celebrate Halloween a little early Thursday night at the Fort Worth Club where they do this huge event for the kids. It includes a bounce house, a unicorn, a monkey band, tattoos, face painting, balloon animals, and lots of candy, treats, food, and drink. All of this takes place on the top floor of the club overlooking downtown Fort Worth. Yes, these kids are unbelievably spoiled, but so are Chuck and I because we get to enjoy adult beverages while the kids enjoy themselves.

Evie was tinkerbell, and Luke was some sort of Star Wars storm trooper or something or other.

I'm not sure why Evie's looks stoned in both pictures. Sucks.

G really didn't like it the first time we put the costume on him, but he got used to it, or at least resigned himself to the humiliation.

George was often described as the poor kid on "A Christmas Story" that was forced to wear a bunny outfit on Christmas. I feel absolutely no remorse.

Chuck and I were able to bring Rosie, and we met up with our friends, Aaron, Stacey and Eli.

Here are all the kids. Trust me, there wasn't a better picture of all of them than this and they hated sitting still so I could take pictures.

Evie received the most elaborate balloon crown I've ever seen!!!!

Evie sitting on the "real" unicorn, which had recently pooped.

And George.

Here's the bounce house underneath crystal chandeliers. Yes, I see the ridiculous aspect of it. I would have never imagined participating in such an event as a kid

The next day I attended three Halloween parties/parades within a matter of hours. I started out at Luke's Storybook Parade at 8:30. Then I moved on to George's Halloween parade at 9:00 and then made it to Evie's Harvest festival at 11:15. I didn't get a good picture of Luke because he was basically hiding behind his teacher for some reason, but I got lots of pictures of George and Evie. Here are a few.

And here's Evie's party.
She's such a princess.

It was all very fun, but I have been sick for more than three weeks and I was really worn out from all the partying. I finally took myself to the doctor that afternoon. He has informed me that I have allergies. I have my doubts, but I'll see if his prescription works. I really should give deference to his opinion since he has been practicing medicine since before I was born. In any event, I hope I feel better soon, because I'm tired of being sick and I have a lot to do.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Moments in Time

There are some moments that can
never be duplicated.

This is one.

Evie asked to see my wedding dress this morning
(after suggesting that I wear it for Halloween).

I said, "Maybe later. I have to get to work."

She responded, "Just real quick?"

I caved. I'm so glad I caved.

My only regret is that I only had my iPhone to capture this moment.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Good Deeds

Am I wrong?

I feel like I'm doing a good deed when:
  1. I use a shopping cart that is already sitting in the parking lot so that an employee doesn't have to bring it back to the store.
  2. I clean up the drips all over the sink at work so that the janitor doesn't have to clean them up.
  3. I wipe the nose of a child who isn't my own.
  4. I change the diaper of a child who isn't my own.
  5. I pick up someone else's trash off the floor of a public place.
  6. I laugh at a joke that is not funny.
  7. I don't laugh at a new mom who believes that her child must have all new clothes and toys and cannot accept gently worn hand-me-downs.
  8. I let my children win when we play games.
  9. I flush a toilet that someone else failed to flush. (Unless it's at my house and then I just feel frustration.)
  10. I make a new pot of coffee for the next person.
So, my point is that I probably shouldn't feel like these are "good deeds" so much as I should accept them as normal things that almost anyone else would do without considering it a selfless act. What do you think? What kinds of things do you do that you feel like are "good deeds"?

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


It's red ribbon week at Luke's school. He's learning to "Just Say No To Drugs" this week. I asked him to tell me what he knows about drugs. He said, "The only one I know is cigarettes. Cigarettes are bad and we should say no to smoking."

So, I'm wondering if the school will address any other types of drugs.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Happy Weekend

This is probably our last Sunday at Joe T's for a while.
It was beautiful, and the kids were angelic.
(Well, as angelic as they get.)

She is so pretty.

We were waiting for a highchair for George.
Once it showed up, George had no desire to move.
Luke was annoyed, but patient.

He didn't want to be kissed.
Can you tell?

Gotta send some love out to my family today, because, well, they were just perfect this weekend. Thank you Chuck, Luke, Evie, George, and Rosie!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Movie Quote 73

The last movie quote was a dismal failure since no one has seen "What Happens In Vegas" but I must tell you it is worth watching. Much funnier than I expected and I've watched it multiple times because it is funny even on a second, third, or fourth viewing.

So, here's a movie quote that I'm hoping you'll all get. It's a classic movie with a hugely quotable line. If I used that line, the entire point of the movie quote would be pointless because the line is so freakin' obvious. So here's another quote from the movie, and it is one of my favorites.

I need my bat. I think better with my bat. Where's my bat?

I totally relate to the first quote because I think better with a pen in my hands. I know it's weird.

And another one that makes me feel smug:

And the witness will address this court as Judge or Your Honor. I'm quite certain I've earned it. Take your seat, Colonel.

Okay, so you should totally be able to get this based on that last quote. If you can't I guess I'll post one of the really, really obvious quotes for you.

Peace out, and have a great weekend!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Soccer Pictures!

Yesterday's post was such a hit, here's another picture post (it has nothing to do with the fact that I have lots of new pictures at my disposal!).

Evie and Luke are really rocking it at soccer these days. Evie has almost completely overcome her fear of the other players, the field, and the soccer ball. I'm thrilled and so is Chuck! In fact, she even scored a goal at her game a couple weeks ago. Here are pictures from a game where she wasn't quite to her stellar performance, but she actually looked happy at the end (probably because it was over and I let her get off the field). Luke is also holding a patch he got for making a goal at his game and for making a great pass. He was something like the MVP. Awesome!

Luke playing goalie

Chuck standing with Evie on the field
Her coach is the one bending down and watching the game
He's totally awesome!

Chuck trying to keep Evie from clinging to him on the field

Evie, finally in action. She's #5

Evie and Luke's biggest fan!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Time capsule

I've been looking fora cord to download pictures off of one of my cameras and I just found it this morning in a bag in the back of my closet. I was thrilled to download the pictures. It was like a little time capsule from the last year. Just a little walk down memory lane all the way back to summer of 2009.

Evie and I had a bit of a photo shoot one day by the pool. There are probably 20 pictures like this. This one is my favorite.

Grandma and George

Lindsey & Luke

Swimming in 2009
Me and LEG

More photo shoot pics

Evie warming up

Luke with a bucket on his head. It reminds me of the movie Parenthood where Steve Martin watches his kid put a bucket on his head and run into a wall repeatedly.

Ragamuffin Evie doing Vogue

Ragamuffin Evie Looking Stoned

Chuck making Luke stand up for the National Anthem
before a football game on TV

Handsome George

Sleeping Beauties