Friday, October 1, 2010

Birthmonth & Christmas

I am going to Christmas in Cowtown (a shopping event hosted by Junior League of Fort Worth) tonight. No, I'm not in Junior League although I do admire it as an organization. Maybe one day, but not now. Anyway, I'm so excited to be going with my girlfriend Emily. Tonight is THESE BOOTS WERE MADE FOR SHOPPING GIRLS NIGHT OUT! Doesn't that sound fun?! I know a few of my other friends are going to be there too, so it should be a super fun event. In order to prepare myself, I've been listening to nothing but Christmas music for the past two days. Whoohoo!

It's my favorite time of year! Plus, today official starts my birthday month! October is the best! I firmly believe that once you reach a certain age, such as mine (29 years old), you should be able to celebrate the entire month of your birthday rather than just a day. So everyone wish me happy birthmonth! What a fantastic day today is.

Oh, and for those of you who might be wondering about the kids . . . well, they're fantastic too!

Luke is holding his own in soccer and reading really, really well. Evie is actually playing soccer with the other girls and not crying. She went to her art class this week and didn't shed a tear, but loved every minute! George is growing like crazy and funny - except when his temper flares up. Apparently, Chuck told him he couldn't have something the other day and George balled up his fist and punched Chuck in the face. Yeah, we were all shocked! I have no idea how or where he learned to punch, but let me tell you that he now understands that punching is not acceptable. I just can't believe that his temper is so bad!

So, here is a picture of a typical evening at our house. The red chair is their playground.

All my newer pictures are stuck on my other camera which is still at the art school where Evie had her birthday party. Sorry I don't have any good pictures. Hopefully, I get some good stuff this weekend at the soccer games.

Until then, feliz navidad!


Joan said...

Okay, 29, huh?
Should we do the math?
You kill me;-) and I'm happy to say I'm 46.

Mom said...

I guess I am younger than I thought I was.

Mary said...

Hey Theresa - Happy Birthmonth. I have soemthing for you in Houston that should be in the mail by now. I saw it in England and thought you would appreciate the humor. Have fun tonight!

Angie said...

You're listening to Christmas music AND shopping with girlfriends?! What a marvelous sounds so relaxing. Plus, it's your birthday month and I like your style. I celebrate my birthday week but perhaps this year I shall consider expanding it to month long. :)