Saturday, October 30, 2010

Most adorable Halloween kids ever!

We got to celebrate Halloween a little early Thursday night at the Fort Worth Club where they do this huge event for the kids. It includes a bounce house, a unicorn, a monkey band, tattoos, face painting, balloon animals, and lots of candy, treats, food, and drink. All of this takes place on the top floor of the club overlooking downtown Fort Worth. Yes, these kids are unbelievably spoiled, but so are Chuck and I because we get to enjoy adult beverages while the kids enjoy themselves.

Evie was tinkerbell, and Luke was some sort of Star Wars storm trooper or something or other.

I'm not sure why Evie's looks stoned in both pictures. Sucks.

G really didn't like it the first time we put the costume on him, but he got used to it, or at least resigned himself to the humiliation.

George was often described as the poor kid on "A Christmas Story" that was forced to wear a bunny outfit on Christmas. I feel absolutely no remorse.

Chuck and I were able to bring Rosie, and we met up with our friends, Aaron, Stacey and Eli.

Here are all the kids. Trust me, there wasn't a better picture of all of them than this and they hated sitting still so I could take pictures.

Evie received the most elaborate balloon crown I've ever seen!!!!

Evie sitting on the "real" unicorn, which had recently pooped.

And George.

Here's the bounce house underneath crystal chandeliers. Yes, I see the ridiculous aspect of it. I would have never imagined participating in such an event as a kid

The next day I attended three Halloween parties/parades within a matter of hours. I started out at Luke's Storybook Parade at 8:30. Then I moved on to George's Halloween parade at 9:00 and then made it to Evie's Harvest festival at 11:15. I didn't get a good picture of Luke because he was basically hiding behind his teacher for some reason, but I got lots of pictures of George and Evie. Here are a few.

And here's Evie's party.
She's such a princess.

It was all very fun, but I have been sick for more than three weeks and I was really worn out from all the partying. I finally took myself to the doctor that afternoon. He has informed me that I have allergies. I have my doubts, but I'll see if his prescription works. I really should give deference to his opinion since he has been practicing medicine since before I was born. In any event, I hope I feel better soon, because I'm tired of being sick and I have a lot to do.


Maegan said...

This is random...I don't know if you remember me or not but I was always attached to Colleen's hip at the Foley Family Reunions. I think I saw your blog on Stephanie's blog. I clicked on it and was looking at the Halloween pictures. Small world because my cousin's little boy is the knight in the picture - Walker. So if you ever run into them at school, you can tell her that you kind of sort of know me!:)

Theresa said...

Wow! Maegan! That is totally random! How funny!

Theresa said...

BTW - I do remember you. I'll definitely say I know you! What fun.

Angela said...

Adorable!! Evie is so beautiful. And Luke is so cute.

And George's expressions in his costume: priceless!! :D

Angie said...

So George got to be an elephant AND a mouse? Interesting combination of characters.

P.S. It looks like so much fun!

Angie said...

So George got to be an elephant AND a mouse? Interesting combination of characters.

P.S. It looks like so much fun!

lisawitt said...

haha, these pics with your commentary just made me chuckle!! cute kiddos theresa!! :) Hope you are feeling better!