Monday, October 4, 2010

State Fair of Texas

This weekend, Luke, Evie, George, Rosie, and I experienced something we've never experienced before --- The State Fair of Texas. And it was amazing! By the end of the day, our feet hurt, we wanted to disinfect ourselves, and the thought of another bite of fair food was revolting, but the day was so much fun.

The low point, was having to stand in line to get through security and then purchase our ticket. We probably waited in line for 45 minutes -- long enough for both kids to complain that they were starving and didn't think they were going to make it without any food, and long enough to see a little boy further up the line pee on a tree because there weren't any restrooms available.

Evie was rockin' it in her eccentric ensemble. She looks like a 70-year old woman who has forgotten what it means to have "fashion sense" and I absolutely adore it! She's so perfect!

What you can't see in this picture (and what we would not discover for another hour or so) is the fact that George had peed through his diaper and was sopping wet. He also refused to nap all day. What fun for all of us.

Once we got into the fair, we had to wait in line again just to buy tickets so that we could purchase food for the kids. Luke ate two foot-long hotdogs, and a foot long corny dog during the span of the afternoon. That's a lot of processed meat. Yuck. I ate a corny dog -- heaven. Evie barely ate anything, but managed to eat some cheese, a bite of sausage, 4 crackers, and lots of cotton candy. Rosie had sausage, saltwater taffy, and a caramel apple (the last two were firsts for her). Everything was delicious and fattening. I loved it!

We started out by riding on the Ferris Wheel. Here is Luke looking up. He was pretty scared, but was fine by the end of the ride.

We enjoyed riding around the Ferris Wheel for the whopping price of $6 per person. And that is when we discovered that George had leaked through his diaper. It was a damp ride for the lap George sat on.

The kids got to participate in this cute little project called Little Hands on the Farm. They get an apron and a basket and some feed. They have to feed animals, plant seeds, milk cows, and gather the products of their labor.

At the end of the different activities, they can sell their products and they get a fake dollar bill. They can then use the dollar bill to "purchase" something at the market.

I emphasized, "just one item." Luke picked out a big box of fruit snacks that was on display and headed toward the "checkout." I had to stop him and tell him that he only got to pick one of the little packages. I think he'll make quite an economist.

(I'm not sure what's going on with Luke's mouth in this picture, but I swear it looks like he was struck by the Joker from the 1989 Batman movie.)

Here they are paying for their goods.

Here we are waiting for Chuck to purchase more food for us. The kids appeared to be doing some sort of interpretive dance. I'm not really sure what was going on, but I took pictures.

Eating more food.

It was an amazing weekend and we had a fantastic time!

Oh, and here's a bonus pic that I couldn't resist. Yes, those are tattoos on his legs and yes, they look like trucker mud flaps. Sexy, right?


Angie said...

FUN! At our state fair you can buy just about anything you could every want "on a stick" and usually fried. It's soooo yummy but oh so disgusting.
Sounds like you all had a great weekend!

Theresa said...

Yes, there were lots of different "sticks" to be had. They also have everything fried. I saw fried beer, fried margarita, fried snickers bars, fried oreos, fried frito pie. The lines were too long to try any of it, which is probably a good thing because I imagine the grease would catch up with my system eventually. The corny dog alone was probably more than I should have consumed. Nonetheless, it was a blast!

Angela said...

Luke cracks me up. He clearly is doing what I always want to do - see if my body will stretch between two objects like that. I just don't usually go for it in public, as I'm 38. Ahhh, the advantages of youth.

lisawitt said...

FUN!!! Love all the pics, one day I will have to take my kids there....both of my parents have very fond memories of going to the fair as kids!!

The Potters said...

I can't believe you guys have never been to the Fair!?? We went on Saturday and also had a blast. Fried twinkies are my very fav.

The Potters said...

I can't believe you guys have never been to the Fair!?? We went on Saturday and also had a blast. Fried twinkies are my very fav.