Thursday, October 21, 2010

Soccer Pictures!

Yesterday's post was such a hit, here's another picture post (it has nothing to do with the fact that I have lots of new pictures at my disposal!).

Evie and Luke are really rocking it at soccer these days. Evie has almost completely overcome her fear of the other players, the field, and the soccer ball. I'm thrilled and so is Chuck! In fact, she even scored a goal at her game a couple weeks ago. Here are pictures from a game where she wasn't quite to her stellar performance, but she actually looked happy at the end (probably because it was over and I let her get off the field). Luke is also holding a patch he got for making a goal at his game and for making a great pass. He was something like the MVP. Awesome!

Luke playing goalie

Chuck standing with Evie on the field
Her coach is the one bending down and watching the game
He's totally awesome!

Chuck trying to keep Evie from clinging to him on the field

Evie, finally in action. She's #5

Evie and Luke's biggest fan!


Mom said...

Love all the pictures.

Mary said...

Evie looks like quite the athlete when she is running! They are so cute!

Angela said...

Your children are beautiful. :D

I was showing my mom the video of George singing Happy Booby and she saw a picture in your sidebar and said, oh, that's such a nice picture of you.

At first I was offended, because I thought she meant your hubby's picture (and while he is adorable, he is also a man), but she was pointing at the one of your au pair (and I'm sorry that I can't remember her name right this second as I'm commenting). That one I was okay with. :D

Theresa said...

Angela, That is one of the funniest things anyone has ever posted. I was cracking up! I wouldn't want anyone to tell me that I looked like Chuck either. That's greatness!

Angela said...

LOL, I'm glad that you enjoyed. I giggled too!!