Monday, October 25, 2010

Happy Weekend

This is probably our last Sunday at Joe T's for a while.
It was beautiful, and the kids were angelic.
(Well, as angelic as they get.)

She is so pretty.

We were waiting for a highchair for George.
Once it showed up, George had no desire to move.
Luke was annoyed, but patient.

He didn't want to be kissed.
Can you tell?

Gotta send some love out to my family today, because, well, they were just perfect this weekend. Thank you Chuck, Luke, Evie, George, and Rosie!


Angie said...'re right...your family is ADORABLE!

lisawitt said...

I cannot imagine going out to eat with 3 kids...we dont even go out with 2! God bless ya! ;-)

The Potters said...

Why will it be your last Joe T's outing?? Cute-patootie kids!

Theresa said...

It's getting cold soon.

The Potters said...

But you know Texas! It could be 85degrees in December!