Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Movie Quote 72

My dear Lindsey introduced Chuck and me to this movie. I LOVE it. It cracks me up and always makes me laugh. So, here's a quote from it:

You know why!!

I say this all the time, particularly when I reference punching someone in the nuts - which is really more often than you would imagine. I said it twice last night when talking about opposing counsel. Yeah, that's a real part of my life.


Joan said...

I'm coming up blank. Sorry.

Theresa said...

You need to see this!!! It's What Happens In Vegas. So effin' funny!

Mary said...

I haven't seen that either. Is it anything like Hangover?

Theresa said...

it's not as crude as the hangover. It's really funny. I think you would like it. I was surprised how much Chuck and I like it.