Thursday, April 12, 2012

There are super moms and then there's me.

My virtual-friend Jenny (I've never met her in person; she's mom to Ryan and Zane) posted about an article on a website called The Power of Moms. The article is called "Your Children Want You!"

Guys, I'm in the middle of a very busy day at work, but I took a few minutes to read it and I was crying by the end. I feel this mom. I am this mom. (Well, not really, but I feel like I am this mom.) I hope all you super-moms out there will click here to read this and take it to heart. We moms need to lift each other up. We are all in this together -- building the future.

Love you all!


Lisa said...

I posted that article on FB too, amen to the author! Loved it. Kinda reminds me of SAHM vs working moms debates too. We all work hard and are doing the darn best we can, regardless of if we can create amazing birthday parties, crafts, turn old junk into treasures,be at every event, etc.

You are doing a great job momma and your kiddos are proof of that, even if you dont make their grilled cheese sandwich look like an ice cream cone ;-)

Angie said...

I've seen this posted all over facebook and finally took the time to read it...and cried.

Why do we let ourselves get stuck in this virtual world of perfection that doesn't actually exist? Why are we so hard on ourselves? How is it possible that I have convinced myself that my two-year-old daughter judges me or thinks she is missing out on things because I'm not a perfect mother? I don't ever remember holding my mom to such ridiculous standards so why would I think that my own daughter is doing this? It's crazy.

When I was in college my mom used to send me a chocolate bunny for Easter (I was too far from home to make it home for the weekend). But, it wasn't just any bunny, it was missing his ears. Mom would take the time to carefully open the box, bite the ears off, and tape it back shut and for some reason that really meant a lot to me. And now, she gets a chocolate bunny from me each Easter with his ears bit off.

It's the little things. The LOVE things. That's what matters.

And here comes the tears again.

ranjini said...
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