Thursday, August 9, 2012

Sore Loser

I'm feeling pretty bad for Olympic gymnist McKayla Maroney today, because this has got to be the worst way to learn your lesson about being a sore loser. You can read in this Wall Street Journal publication how her sour face after winning the silver medal on the vault has been used to make jokes about how she is not impressed. The string of memes known as "McKayla is not impressed" is providing lots of entertainment for the rest of the world, including myself. Here are just a few, but you can click HERE to see all tons of others.

Killed Bin Laden?  McKayla is not impressed.

The Sistine Chapel? McKayla is not impressed.

Man on the moon? McKayla is not impressed.

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Lisa said...

this made me laugh because I was JUST flipping through these this morning in an article! :) There are some very funny olympic blog writers out there. Did you see the article about Aly's accidental tweet??