Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Spring Break - oh yeah, that happened.

Thanks to Angie's comment, I'm suddenly inspired to post again!

Let me catch everyone up on our Spring Break activities.  We had a staycation which involved a trip to a brewery to support our local Lighthouse for the blind, a trip to the overcrowded zoo with friends, Fossil Rim, Dinosaur World, Chuck E Cheese, bowling, a day of reading after the kids were shitty and ungrateful, and wrapped up with haircuts, a trip to the doctor, and errands.

I have tons of pictures, as you might expect, so here are just the ones from the Rahr Brewery.  This was so fun!  It's a local brewery who hosts a charity each week.  They do beer tastings for individuals (18 and older, I think - I know it is definitely under age 21, which is weird).  We showed up with hundreds of others and hung out for a couple hours.  The kids ran around playing between bags of barley (or at least, I think it was barley).  I'd definitely go again!

Me, Chuck, & Amber

Evie, Luke & G

Evie playing hide and seek in the barley.  Apparently, Luke just found her and you can see his arm pointing at her.

What a fun time!  I really recommend stopping by Rahr for a good cause!

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