Monday, June 16, 2014

What a weekend of fun!

What a weekend!  We had so much with our friends. It seems like it's been forever since we've had such a good, relaxed time with the family. 

Friday and Saturday we spent the evening with friends.  Friday night was fajitas and swimming.  I still got my run done on Saturday morning and then we had another afternoon/evening with friends at our own house - grilling burgers and dogs and catching up with friends.  I loved every minute!  Then, on Father's Day we squeezed in as much fun as possible by going to church early, hitting a 10:00 movie (How to Train a Dragon 2), sushi for lunch, a brief afternoon nap followed by pool time and bike riding.  Seriously, I had such a wonderful weekend!

Unfortunately, I also ate my way through the entire weekend and now feel disgustingly bloated!  I had fajitas, burgers, cookies, appetizers, beer, wine, mojitos, strawberry shortcake, sushi, movie theater popcorn (with buttter!), and probably a whole bunch of other wonderful stuff.  It was a delicious weekend!

Plus, we got to celebrate this guy here.  Chucky Love sure knows how to be a fun dad, even if his youngest shouted loudly, "You SUCK!" after Chuck told him to clean his room yesterday.  Let me tell you, we had quite the discussion with George after he pulled that.  The sweet baby is definitely gone.

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