Monday, February 19, 2007

Valentine's Day Foibles

Valentine's Day was an out of the ordinary day for this professional mother. Husband and I went to dinner at a nearby steakhouse. We, of course, enjoyed it very much. It was quiet and the food was good. The wine was very nice as well. I drank most of the bottle while Eddie drank a scotch. It was only 8:30 when we finished eating so we decided to go to the Club for another drink. It sounds fancy, but it isn't. Picture Mr. and Mrs. Howell's long lost pig farming relatives in a medium sized city club. We love it, but the Manhattan big wigs may not. Anyhow, we end up drinking with a friend of my husbands. Three glasses of wine later, I'm feeling ready to go have some more drinks. Plus, the Club is closing down since most of the Mr. and Mrs. Howell's are back home snug in their beds by midnight. So, while Eddie is freshening up in the bathroom, I meet some men who are waiting in the lobby for the elevator and I decide we should all go to Fox and the Hound for another round of drinks. Clearly, I am intoxicated and not thinking lucid thoughts since I had to go to work the next morning. Instead, we enter the empty bar and proceed to order beers all around. By this time, I am not at all fit to drive. Just so you know, I didn't drive. Back the the story, we had a lovely time at the bar with Steve and Jeff, who had me convinced that they were traveling businessmen who keep girlfriends in my town. Now, they are businessmen but they don't keep girlfriends. I received a call from Jeff the next day - sweet guy. He was calling to see how I was feeling. Well, let me tell you I was not feeling so hot the next day, but I had appointments to keep so I was up at 7:45 to meet the repair man downstairs with my kids in tow. What a lovely way to start a day - exhausted with a headache. Lucky me. It was certainly a Valentine's Day to remember . . . if only I could remember all of it.

Meanwhile, my friend who is nearly 6 months pregnant finished her Valentine's Day dinner at 8:30 p.m. and was at home and asleep by 9:00 p.m. Needless to say, her work product was much better than mine the next day.

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