Sunday, May 8, 2011


I've had a wonderful day even though it hasn't been the most picturesque Mother's day. We spent several hours in a car driving to Wichita Falls to visit Chuck's family and watch our nephew make his first communion. Then I watched the kids turn blue as they played in the really cold pool for about 45 minutes. I had fun snapping pictures of them.

We also saw a butterfly that didn't seem to want to fly away from us. It made me smile.

And after that, I went grocery shopping and ended up ordering dinner out. It was wonderful because I was surrounded by my crazy wonderful perfect family. And I received the sweetest hugs, kisses, and cards. I'm so very blessed.

But my favorite part of the day was probably this morning when Luke announced out of the blue, "One time I ate my ear wax, and it did not taste good." I burst out laughing and asked him why he even considered eating his ear wax. Apparently, he's perfectly comfortable with trying to eat any thing excreted from his body other than poop and pee, but he is totally unwilling to consider trying any kind of ice cream other than vanilla. Ah, my children are perfect and crazy!

And with that, I wish each of you out there a Happy Mother's Day because we all have/had a mother. Lots of love to you and yours!

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Angie said...

Sounds like a marvelous (and apparently educational) day!