Thursday, February 28, 2013

December's Pictures

So, I know you all are so thrilled that I'm back. I am too! Plus, I have a ton of pictures to update you with, so let's get started. These are all totally random from December. If posted in order and with a quirky little story, they would obviously be more fun and charming, but instead, we are stuck with just random thoughts and titles. Enjoy it if you can.

Luke wrapping his very first present.  Using his foot to hold it still while he gets the tape.

Getting their picture with Santa.  Almost always a dismal result.

Telling Santa what they want for Christmas.  Not a single one asked to go to Disney World.  That should have been our first clue . . .

Instead, the older kids have taken to asking for outrageous things like 100 servants, and all the wishes in the world.  It was a bit nauseating.  Here is one of several letters that Luke and Evie wrote to Santa this last year.

Translation below:

Dear Santa,

We want a tank, 1,000,000 lego sets, quadrilleun gewles, auto turets, 2,000,000 agents, 200 servents, never run out of money, gigantic underground clubhouse, big doll house.

Luke B___ and Evie B___

I believe it might be time to share this wonderful secret about Santa with Luke.  He's such a good big brother, that I know he will join this team with enthusiasm and joy.  I saw this letter on FB and loved it because it expresses exactly how I feel about Santa.  Thank you to Ryan's parents for articulating it so well.

I got to take Evie to the Nutcracker again this year.  We went with my friend Caroline and her daughter Eva - who Evie considers her "twin".  They are adorable together.  And to be fair, Eva Elizabeth and Evelyn Elizabeth are pretty close!  Unfortuantely, they don't understand why they can't live together. 

Evie at the Nutcraker.  She loved it again!
 If you didn't receive our Christmas card this year, then I apologize up front.  I will certainly send you one, because this isn't the picture we used. But this is one of the 321 shots we took trying to capture a good picture of the kids for our card.  It was a very frustrating process.

The best picture we got from the kids for our Christmas Card after 321 takes.  Unfortunately for them, we didn't use this one.
  And here are some pictures from the family Christmas party at my mom's house.  I love these pictures because I swear they are timeless.  Every family has pictures just like this.  And everyone looks terrible in them!

Evie got a Barbie.  I think that makes #74 in her collection.

George and Luke with their gifts.  Most likely Legos.

 And then back at the homestead with Chuck's family.  I didn't actually get very many pictures, but this one was priceless!

George and Pawpaw.  I freaking love this picture!!!

Going back in time even more, here is George's birthday party.  Isn't he adorable?

George's birthday party.  A pajama jump house party.

All three kids at the party - we were still trying to get a good picture for the Christmas card.  This one was also discarded.

So, there you have it. Pictures and fun from December.  Only three months late!


Anonymous said...

Love 'em! Thanks for sharing! E

Joan said...

The Christmas card was the best one yet! You and Chuck are so creative and this card will become priceless through the years.