Monday, July 7, 2014

Calvin & Hobbes

Yes, we did it.  I got kittens!

In the past few years, since we lost our cat Abby, we have experienced 2 separate (but significant) rodent infestations in our garage.  And I mean, significant!  These rats moved in, brought their furniture, a TV, and all their extended relatives and friends.  It was ridiculous.  And disgusting.  I mean, really, really disgusting - especially after we killed them all and they started to decompose.  I feel like barfing just thinking about it.  And this is what led us to actually getting a cat.  Chuck casually mentioned that getting a cat would alleviate our rodent issues and suddenly, I was sold!

Of course, I had specifics.  I really wanted an orange kitten and have been telling people this casually for the last year whenever we talk about pets.  I grew up with orange cats, so I have a soft heart for them.  My longest-living, best, most awesome cat ever was named Sport.  He was orange and was with me for many years when we first moved to Texas.  In spite of the fact that I treated him like my own living baby doll, including making him "pretty" with lotions which sent him to the vet.  After recently telling a girlfriend about my desire to have an orange kitty, she posted this picture on FB and asked me if this cat from a local rescue group could be my new orange kitty. 

Um...I was sold.  Immediately! Of course, the cat was only 4 weeks old, so we had to wait until he got to be 8 weeks old before he could come home with us.  I told the kids, printed a picture and put it on the fridge, and announced it to the world through FB.  We even picked out a name - "Hobbes The Karate Kitty".  We were committed.  A few weeks later, I contacted the rescue group and asked when I could expect our baby to come to its forever home.  And that's when they broke the news: Karate Kitty had become thoroughly attached to the other kitten in its foster home and they wanted to place the cats together.  And here they are.

I was floored. It was as if the obgyn had just announced I was having twins.  I mean, I was ready for the singleton, but I was not prepared for a second cat.  And the way they made it sound, I had to take both. So, after much whining and pouting and sighing around the house, Chuck asked me, "What is wrong with you?"  And I huffed, "I just don't know what to do about this cat thing.  I mean, I promised the kids that we'd get the orange kitten, but now we can only get it if we take the other cat too."  He rolled his eyes, unpaused his television show, and said, "Quit your whining, and just get both cats."  My jaw dropped.  I snapped it closed, and didn't say another word.

And that was that. 

I'll admit I was still unsure about the decision.  Seriously, two cats is a lot.  We freaking became Noah's Ark overnight.  And I really mean that: two dogs, two cats, two hermit crabs...

We are now the owners of two kittens: Calvin and Hobbes, the Karate Kitties (or as Evie has dubbed them, "Karate Kitty" and "Kung Fu Kitty", or as Chuck has dubbed them, "Waxon" and "Waxoff").  I swear, we have trouble with names, because now that they are here, we call them the "Orange One" and the "Black One". 

After a week of keeping the dogs and cats apart and only allowing brief encounters, we've finally opened up the house for inter-species mingling.  It's going quite well!  The dogs are sooooo curious.  The cats are less than thrilled.  The Black One (aka Calvin) is particularly offended by the dogs, but they all seem to be coming to an undestanding.  Plus, there has been no biting or bloodshed, so I'm feeling pretty good!

The kids are obsessed, and we all are loving these sweet cats.  Truly!  Calvin is less shy than Hobbes, but Hobbes likes to be held more than Calvin.  Therefore, there are more pictures of Hobbes because he will hold still for us.  He's sooooo tiny, even at 9 weeks old.  Calvin is a month older, and obviously, bigger.  Both are soft and really, really playful!  As you can see, we are in love with our new extended family!

Even Chuck!

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