Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Toes, Friends, Camp

It's been crazy around here.  Evie's back at camp again. Chuck and I are trying to keep our heads above water with work, kids, volunteer commitments, social obligations, and all the rest of the stuff we take on.  I'm currently on a conference call board meeting.  Totally bored, by the way.  Still, it gives me a chance to get you all up to date. 

George has a toe infection - gross.

Evie has no problem being away from us for days and days at a time.  Sad for me, happy for her.

Luke's best friend is awesome, and playdates abound.  In fact, that's where he is right now.

I'm so over Minecraft - and that's a post unto itself.  Seriously.

I'm busy trying to build up my law practice while serving as president of our local junior woman's club and having fun with my side business - selling Rodan+Fields products.  I'm a horrible salesperson, by the way.  I just love the products (both legal and skin-related), but I am terrible at selling myself and my products.  What's up with that?  *sigh*  I just keep on keeping on.

This weekend we spent a day at Lake Texoma with Chuck's immediate family for a little reunion.  It was pretty nice - especially since the weather was so gorgeous.  I kind of wish we could have spent another couple days of soaking up the sounds of the lake water, birds, and wind.  I'm seriously craving some simpler times, but that's not what I've signed up for at the moment.

I also have a lot of people on my mind right now.  It seems like many of my friends and relatives are going through tough times with illness, death, job losses, family troubles, and more.  I feel like everytime I turn around someone is asking for prayers in a desperate situation.  I've been there, so I understand.  And prayers work, so I can't fault anyone for asking for them.  I just wish I could send up prayers regularly for everyone.

On the bright side, our troubles seem to be morphing into a new life.  Nothing was resolved that made our life go back to normal, but it's time for us to move on and face our new normal.  I love my family so much, and I'm ready to be the happy, go-lucky Professional Mother that you know me to be. 

As for marathoning, well it's still on the radar.  I ran 10 miles the Saturday before last, and this last Saturday (during the reunion) was a step-back week so I only ran 7 miles.  This weekend I'm going to tackle 12 miles.  TWELVE!  Yeah, I'm worried, but I just have to keep plodding forward like the tortoise.

Speaking of our shell-covered friends, here's some footage of the kids and me saving a turtle who was stuck in the mud.

We also went to feed the ducks at the Duck Pond.  So much fun!

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