Monday, January 9, 2017

One week in!

One of my other resolutions this year was to cut back on alcohol so I joined this group called One Year No Beer.  Umm...yeah, I've made it a week, but we'll see if I make the first 30-day milestone.

Also on the agenda - bikini body.  It's been a rough week. Down two pounds, and I'm sure I should be thrilled, but damn it, I just want to be thin right now without all that work!

Don't we all?

Anyway, we are fully back into the grind.  Luke is already forgetting his homework. Evie starts back to choir tomorrow. We all have piano lessons today (me included!).  Luke is back in band sectionals.  I had no idea what sectionals were until this year, so hats off to my band friends.  And soccer starts up for George this Thursday (not that we took a break because he continued playing indoor soccer during the break).

I'm exhausted already.  Why do I do this?  Sometimes I think it would be easier if I went back to work and just told the kids they didn't get to participate in activities. After all, other kids do that.  I wonder what the long term effects of non participation are.  I didn't participate in things as a kid. As the youngest of 6 with two working parents, it just wasn't an option.  It wasn't until high school that I got involved - all of my own desire.  No one pushed me to do anything.  I hope my kids will get to that point. Maybe I should stop pushing them so they can find their own motivation.  Thoughts?  I certainly don't have the answers.

Happy week, friends!

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