Monday, March 28, 2011


Evie's a bit of a rock star in our house at the moment.

For example, this is the painting she brought home from art class last week that we can't stop gushing over.

Here she is kicking butt at soccer.

And these are the shoes her daddy bought her, because Chuck believes that little girls deserve lots of shoes to choose from.

Bet you can't guess which pair she wore all weekend and begged to put on.
The answer is at the bottom.

And a random picture of Chuck and George playing around at Evie's soccer game this weekend, just because I thought it was cute.

Answer: She begged to wear the tennis shoes that you see on the bottom right corner in the picture above.


Mom said...

I love the post. Her art work is fabulous.

Angie said...

That picture would fit in perfectly in my kitchen. Tell her she MUST remember the little people when she's rich and famous.

Jess said...

Can you get Chuck to talk to Jason about the importance of shoes for little girls. I bought Lorelai two new pairs for the summer and Jason just doesn't get it.

Lisa said...

I guessed right! Who could pass up cool SILVER shiny tennies?? :)

Her haircut looks cute too!

And the art work, go Evie!!

Angela said...

She is so amazing! Wow - great job!