Wednesday, March 30, 2011

A Princess

If you ask Evie what she wants to be when she grows up she will respond matter-of-factly, "A princess." She says this in all seriousness and without hesitation while looking you straight in the eye. She does not see any problem with this scenario.

The other day someone asked her what she would do during a normal day as a princess. She had to think about it, but she came up with some answers:
  • Kiss the prince (well of course)
  • Grow her baby (okay, sure)
  • Clean her room (turning comical)
  • Kiss the prince and figure stuff out (I like that "kiss the prince" is on there twice)
  • Have the prince rescue her (from what exactly?)
  • Lay on the bed when she gets tired of waiting for the prince to rescue her (practical, but the prince doesn't sound very reliable)
These are all excellent goals. There are apparently plenty of princes to be had according to the List of International Royalty, but she may have to settle for a duke, viscount, or marquis. After we compile a list of possible princes who might come rescue my princess, we will begin working on Plan B which consists of a college education and and a job with insurance benefits.


Angie said...

I assume the prince also has a good 401k program?

Either way, I like the way she thinks. It sounds wonderful!

Angela said...

Did you dig deeper on what the grow her baby means exactly?

This was adorable.

Theresa said...

We talk about how I grew a baby in my belly when I was pregnant with George. She just means being pregnant. We don't really get beyond that . . . yet.