Thursday, October 27, 2011

Surf Board

Evie: "Mommy?"

Me: "yes?"

Evie: "Why do we have a surfboard in our laundry room?"

Me: *squinting my eyes while I try to figure out the question*

*heavy sigh*


*disappointed pause*

"Oh. That's not a surfboard, honey. That's an ironing board."

Evie: *confused look* "What's that?"

Me: "You use an ironing board with an iron to get the wrinkles out of clothes."

Evie still looked confused, but at least she now knows that we don't have a surfboard in the laundry room.


Lisa said...

I am not sure we even OWN an ironing board any more ;-)

The Cooking Diary of a Working Mom said...

LOL! Love it! My stepmom irons EVERYTHING and Ethan asked her "what's that!?" recently! Like you, we own an iron & ironing board, but NEVER use them!! EVER! :-)