Thursday, October 13, 2011

working inside and outside the home

things have been pretty crazy with me, so forgive my lack of posting. we got our ADD results yesterday and it turns out that Luke has been diagnosed with a mild form of ADD. medication is not recommended as a first step. excellent news to us. quite honestly he's been doing really well in school after those first two weeks. we even got his report card yesterday and he had all As and Bs and an E in conduct as well as more Es than S's. i think those two weeks were probably part of an adjustment period in which Luke had to become familiar with his surroundings, his new friends, and his new routine. we're doing better at home, but he still has some issues. luckily, it is all very treatable. we're working on it.

as for Evie, well she did awesome at school too! she doesn't get letter grades, just indications of whether she is developed in certain areas or if she is emerging in her development (isn't that so nicely worded?). so, we had lots of Ds for her and only a few Es. not bad, in my estimation.

unfortunately, the week has been so ridiculously crazy with meetings, our nannies on fall break, planning a huge golf tournament and wine tasting on behalf of one of my favorite non-profit organizations, working, handling sick kids, maneuvering around random splinters that the kids have gotten, and trying to maintain some semblance of a real life. it is impossible. oh, yeah, and chuck's car broke down yesterday. a complete nightmare, but i remind myself how blessed i am to have healthy, happy children who have a roof over their heads and food in their bellies. blessings truly abound.

as for me, i'm ready to go to sleep already, but i don't anticipate that my head will hit that pillow for several more hours.

hope you all are having a better week than i am. much love to you all.


Birdie Pearl said...

Hang in there friend! Glad to hear the good news about Luke!

Angie said...

And the amount of admiration and respect I have for you and all of your under-takings continues to climb. I just don’t know how you do it all. I’m happy to hear that your kids are doing well but sorry to hear that it’s been a crumby week. At least it’s almost Friday and maybe, just maybe, next week will bring a fabulous glass of wine your way. Good luck with it all!

Theresa said...

For a couple hours this afternoon I thought it was already Friday. Imagine my disappointment.

Mom said...

I'm so glad to hear the good news about Luke. Tom's surgery went well.