Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Halloween 2011

Wow. I just realized that I didn't even do a Halloween post! How pathetic is that? So, here are some pictures of my adorable children having the time of their lives. They started with a Storybook Parade at school.

For the record, Luke was Anikin Skywalker, Evie was a Barbie Witch, and George was Thomas the Tank Engine. Unfortunately, I couldn't talk him into wearing this super cute Train Engineer outfit that his Grandma got him.

Then on Halloween Night, we went over to The Chesapeake's house for treats and drinks, like these Mummy Hotdogs.

And then there was the trick or treating. The older two were too fast to get pictures. But here's George winning over the quintessential old woman on the block.

And snarfing down his candy.

But our friends were the best part!

We just don't see them very much anymore and I'm certain that I emotionally gushed all over them that night about how much I miss them. Lorry, Patty, Emily, Ben . . . I'm really sorry about that, but I definitely mean it! And I love these pictures!


Angie said...

Looks like tons of fun! :)

The Potters said...

Cute! I like Barbie Witch. :) And I must really be pregnant, because those mummy hot dogs look so good to me right now! I wish I had one this very second.

Theresa said...

Those mummy hot dogs were delicious!!!

Angela said...

Sooo cute!! All three of them are just adorable. George in the train outfit - priceless.