Thursday, November 3, 2011

I'm Back . . . for now . . .

I probably don't have to mention this because you've already figured it out, but I'm super busy at work right now. Seems like my days are jam-packed full of activities, events, and chores. I love every minute, but I'd also love to share all those events with you. Today, we'll just have to pick up with last night's events and I'll just have to catch up. Just so you know, the kids are growing and maturing like crazy.

Luke and Evie finished their soccer season last weekend. Evie had her team party last night where the amazing coaches gave out trophies.

The coaches also reminisced about how ridiculously shy and unhappy Evie was when she first started playing soccer a year and a half ago. You can read about it here and here. That kind of stuff wears us out, but she is now very eager and happy to play on her soccer team and loves to hang out with the other girls. Chuck and I are so grateful that she has come so far!

So here are some shots of her playing ball and receiving her trophy with the rest of her team last night. Remember, everyone is a winner. What an exciting night for her.

Coach Sean was gushing over her in that sweet way that we all do, and she ate it up!

Luke, on the other hand, was completely put out at having to be surrounded by a bunch of little girls for the evening. We asked him if any of them were his girlfriend. He emphatically told us no. We then decided to ask if he tried to kiss any of them, and he emphatically told us no again. And to make matters worse (because we love to annoy), we asked if if any of the girls tried to kiss him, and he emphatically told us no again. He's really no fun at all.

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Mom said...

That is so Luke. No kisses at all.