Thursday, September 16, 2010

Evie v. Soccer: Part 1 *Amended*

Evie has been asking to be on a soccer team since last year when she was watching Luke play. She's really got some skills with the soccer ball, and so I told her we'd get her signed up when she was old enough. I finally got my act together and got her signed up this year. She's on a team called the grasshoppers, and she is terrified.

She kicks and screams and bawls on the sideline. She hates it. But . . . I really think that if she can get comfortable with the situation and the other little girls (who terrify her), she will be good at it and really enjoy it.

I haven't had a chance to see her in action because I was at a leadership retreat last weekend for her first game, and Chuck took her to practice yesterday.

The greatest part of all this is that her team may possibly have one of the best coaches of all time. When I explained in an email that Evie is very shy and takes a while to warm up to group activities, he responded that it would be his goal to make Evie love soccer this season. He didn't say it would be his goal to help her overcome her fear or make her play and I love that. He just wants her to love soccer. What a great approach.

Apparently, at the practice and the game, they (the coach and the other little girls) spent some time trying to encourage Evie to join the group. When it was obvious that she wasn't going to participate, her coach came over and said in a sweet, calm voice, "Evie. I understand that you aren't ready to come play with the other girls yet, but when you are ready we will all be very excited to have you play. So, you just take your time and come over when you're ready." I love it. I, personally, would have taken a different tact as her parent and just forced her to do it while she cried, but I'm sure my way is not necessarily the right way to get things accomplished. I'm more of a bulldozer when it comes to those types of things.

Evie also started her art classes yesterday, and, once she stopped crying, she LOVED it! Next week should be awesome! And I should have some pictures!

Oh, and I think we should reflect on Luke's first season playing soccer.

First Soccer Practice (when I had no idea how bad it was going to get)

Second Soccer Practice (when it became apparent that it was going to be hell)

First Game (when the hell became comical)


Angela said...

Wow, what an amazing coach. How wonderful to have someone like that. :D

Theresa said...


The Potters said...

What a great coach!! And sometimes when I try something new, I want to what Evie does too...

Theresa said...

. . . You want to have your daddy pry your clenched hands off of the doors of the car while you kick and scream and receive threats from your father that you will not scream, so instead you just cry while he pulls you from the car? Hmm, I never want to do that. But I agree that the coach is awesome. Liz is on Evie's team too.