Monday, September 20, 2010

Soccer Weekend

Good heavens! Such a great weekend! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend too. I have to admit that when things aren't totally hectic, my life is really pretty boring . . . but wonderful!

I got to read a fluff book this weekend--the whole book--which was heaven on earth. The kids were angels and Luke played soccer like a champ! (Evie didn't have a game this weekend.)

Luke's team is so different from the Bad News Bears that they used to be. I can't believe it. He actually looks like a player. And he wanders around the house kicking his soccer ball here and there. It's so amazing and cute!

The team is fantastic this year.
They have a real name, a real coach, and a real goal!

They are still scattered.

But . . . they run. (Not my son, obviously.)

They play defense.

They fall down.

They crash into each other.

They signal that they are open.

They play goalie.

(Look at how his fists are clenched.)

They huddle.

They have sportsmanship.

They have fans . . .

. . . and a flag . . .

. . . and a playbook put together in PowerPoint.

Yes, I know it is all unbelievable!

They've come a long way from their first practice as a team two years ago. I'm so proud of them all.


lisawitt said...

Looks fun!! I am getting excited about Z getting close to being old enough to play sports!! :)

Theresa said...

L - It's a crazy experience to be sure!