Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Being a Professional Mother

There's no real good reason for my lack of posting, other than I'm really busy. So, sorry. That's part of the life of a Professional Mother.

For the time being, check out how cute this kid is!

I swear, I have a hundred pictures just like this, but I never get tired of seeing babies like this.

Oh, and here's a joke Luke told me this morning on the way to school. No accounting for his sense of humor.

Luke: Pineapple who?

Me: Who?

Luke: Pineapple YOU! *doubles over laughing and grabbing his stomach* That one just cracks Evie up! *looks to me*

Me: *trying to laugh really hard*

One of the hardest things is trying to laugh at jokes you don't understand - same thing goes for your kids' jokes that honestly don't make any sense, but you dare not hurt their feelings.

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Nicholl said...

Oh so true! The other day the children were laughing at noises I was making in the kitchen and just around the house goofy stuff and so they come over and tell me about them with smiles on their faces still laughing, so I joined in not knowing what the heck I was laughing about.