Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Luke v. Soccer: Round 1

First, let me begin by telling you that it could have been worse, and second, we have the best coach.

At practice last week, Chuck noticed that Luke was the only kid on the team without cleats. I personally thought, "Does it really matter, since all Luke does when he's on the soccer field is squat down in the grass and cry?" Apparently, it does - to Luke anyway. Saturday morning at 8 a.m., before our 9 a.m. soccer game, Luke informed me in a whining voice that he wanted to wear shoes that stick to the ground (i.e. shoes with cleats). I calmly tried to explain to him that we didn't have time to pick up cleats, nor were any of the stores open before his game. Well, this complaining continued until I was resigned to say, "I'll drop you and Daddy off at the soccer field so you can get ready for the game and then Evie and I will try to buy you some cleats."

Low and behold, an Academy (just one exit down the highway from our soccer field) opened at 8 a.m. on Saturday and they had one pair of size 11 soccer shoes just for my spoiled Luke. Everyone else seemed to know that sports stores open early on Saturdays. I blame my ignorance on my lack of experience in organized sports. Evie and I sped back to the soccer field where I located all but one member of our soccer team playing happily on the soccer field (although one had already left in tears). Dare you guess who the one member was who wasn't happy? You got it, Luke. He was on the sideline, yet again, crying that he didn't want to play soccer. Snot freely flowed down his face as he sobbed tears and tried to grab me or Chuck to take him home.

Chuck put on his new shoes which we thought would set off his much-needed motivation to play with the rest of his team - nothing doing. Evie and I sat on the sidelines (after I gave Luke a big supportive pep talk - no more threats from mom). Chuck went out and stood next to Luke and made him sit in the goal at least. So, that is what Luke did - sit in the goal for the first half and part of the second half. He watched ball after ball roll by him into the goal as he pouted about having to play soccer.

During the game we had not one, but two bathroom breaks, one of which he insisted the poo was going to come out of his bottom as we ran to the restrooms in the clubhouse, but he did nothing. As good parents, Chuck and I threatened him that we weren't coming back to the bathroom and if he decided he had to go potty again, he would just have to poop in his pants. During the second half, just like our last practice, something dawned on him that soccer could be fun and he finally took off. I think this really was his Coach's doing (God bless her soul). She let Luke kick in a soccer ball that had gone out of bounds right by the goal he was "protecting." Of course, he picked it up from the spot on the line where it went out of bounds and tried to carry it close to the goal and then kick it in. The coach had to replace it where it went out of bounds and tell him to kick it from there. Then "Super Luke" backed up 50 paces so he could get a running start on the kick and then kicked it in about three feet! Success!!!!!! I cheered my head off and held up my sign (that I was dying to finally use) reading "Way To Go Luke!" The other parents looked at me and said incredulously, "Was that Luke?" I was so proud. (At least they know his name and don't just refer to him as "The Crier".

Luke took off out of the goal box and started following the swarm of little boys trying to kick the ball. My kid actually did it! I was/am so proud. Here is a picture of the other kids playing. I gave up on pictures pretty quick.
We have another practice this afternoon if it doesn't rain. Now, Luke is unhappy if he doesn't get to wear his full-out game uniform instead of the second-class practice clothes. Are all kids this complicated, or is mine more demanding than most? Seriously, I thought boys weren't supposed to care about this stuff. Luke has very specific ideas on how the uniform should be worn. For example, when we put on his shin guards, he insisted that the shin guards go over his black soccer socks instead of under. I tried to convince him that all his friends would be wearing their shin guards under their socks, to which Luke responded matter-of-factly "Sorry Mom, I want to wear them this way." I rolled my eyes and gave up. Chuck lifted his eyebrows at me and in recognition of Luke's I-know-better-than-you, so-leave-me-alone tone of voice. And Luke, looking oh, so stylish, showed up and "played" the entire soccer game with his shin guards over his socks. He's so cool.
He also believes that he should aways wear his number in front even though everyone else has their number in the back. I'm afraid I have a fight on my hands with this one.

As for me, I was the proud snack mom for the first game: Capri Sun and goldfish. They loved me as they stomped on my flip-flop-clad feet with their little cleats in an effort to get to the snacks like little barracudas. Gotta love it! We have high hopes for this next practice.


roxy said...

omg, thanks for the laugh. I have been dying laughing, and that picture of Chuck and Luke set it off. Alex seems to be a lot like Luke, he has his own opinions and is very stubborn. Can't wait!! I just pray that Mike will be as patient and calm as Chuck seems to be.

Way to go for toughing it out, I am proud of you guys!

lisawitt said...

:) Way to go Luke! It may take a few times but sounds like he may warm up to it yet! I also loved the pic of Chuck standing by the goal while luke was sitting, too funny!

Good luck with the house selling too...may I suggest a st joseph statue? ;-)

amym said...

LOL!! I am still laughing! Sounds like he is slowly warming up to the idea of soccer. Maybe by game 4, he will play the entire game!! Too cute!