Monday, September 15, 2008

2 down, 1 to go

Death comes in threes, right? Well, I received news of two deaths this weekend, so I'm bracing myself for the third. Both deaths from this weekend were young tragedies, so I'm due for a geriatric death. (No offense). Joking aside, this has been a rough day.

A family in Wichita Falls lost their young son (2 years old) who suffered multiple complications and neared death last fall. Some of you may have been included in my prayer list. God finally took him home this weekend, just a few months after he met his little sister.
This morning I learned of the tragic death of a friend of mine here in town who was killed in a car accident over the weekend. He was a lawyer, and well-known and active in the community. He was good people and he will be sorely missed. I'm not coping well with the fact that I just saw him last week, talked to him about his family, laughed with him, and now he just isn't here anymore. I'm also having trouble putting "was" in front of my descriptions of him. In my mind, he still "is." My mind can't seem to grasp the fact of the matter, but I'm certain it will sink in sometime this week.
God bless them both, and God bless their families. And God bless you too. I hope each one of you reading this, knows that I love you and cherish you. Oh, and I love my husband and my little babies more than I could have ever imagined.
Today is September 15th and it is very beautiful here in Texas. Please go outside, feel the breeze on your face, watch the sunset, and say a prayer for Alex and Jeff, and a prayer of thanks for today.

My sister Cathy told me a few weeks after my Dad died that my Dad's mother believed that people who die are raised to Heaven through beams of sunshine like the one in the picture above. I always look for those beams after someone I know passes away. I also always think of those who have left this world for another one. It does seem like a beautiful way to enter Heaven. There are no beams today as I watch the sun set in a clear sky. Perhaps I will see them soon. Much love to you all.

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lisawitt said...

theresa, So sorry to hear about the deaths of your friends. It is never easy to lose those we love. You guys are in my thoughts and prayers!