Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A little morning reading

So, once again, I had a crappy week, which put me in a crappy mood, and therefore, this is the first post since said crappy mood has lightened (at least a little). With that said, I have had some very fun moments over the somewhat-splendid holiday weekend, and I have the pictures to evidence it.
We spent Saturday and Sunday in College Station watching the Aggies fall victim to . . . hmm, what did they fall victim to? . . themselves, I guess. It was a dismal loss, but the tailgate had a great turnout. We tried to take the kids to the game, but Luke and Evie spent the whole time there with their hands over their ears since it was so loud. Not really a shock, but it was worth a try. I think the fly over is going to get them everytime. Since it was a night game I took them home at half time, but before we left we looked just to our left and saw none other than Dave Lewis sitting five seats down on the row behind us! What a pleasure and a surprise. (Sounds like he's a celebrity or something, right? - Well, he's not).

For those of you who don't know who Dave Lewis is, Dave is a friend of mine from high school who had one and a half tours of duty in Iraq before being injured and sent home (to his mother's great relief). He was in town from D.C. for the weekend and arrived just as the game started. What a coincidence and a pleasure to see him! I love when you can run into old friends and it is like no time has passed at all. That is one of my favorite things in life.
Well, we enjoyed the trailer, but since I forgot my camera I have no pictures to show you my new redwood deck and fancy new digs. Next time maybe.
My favorite moment of the weekend however, was when I went to wake up the kids on Monday morning and I found Evie doing a little morning reading while sitting with her stuffed animals by the window in her room. Ah, the surprises that await us as parents.

I wonder what possesses them to take all their clothes off and leave them off.

We spent the day at home cleaning up and generally getting ready to get the house on the market - seriously, I had no idea it would be so much work to get a house ready to sell, nor did I realize how much CRAP we own and keep. While I was cleaning out our laundry room I came across Evie's Halloween costume from last year. I took it and several of her dresses up to her room to put away. She is very fond of dresses and likes to dress up like a princess. She followed me up to her room and asked me what I was doing with her dresses. I said, "I'm putting them away." She looked very serious and said, "Put them in my top drawer." I chuckled and proceeded to hang them up.

They were all her fancy dresses for Easter, Christmas, etc., and they ranged in sizes of 12 months to 3T. That should tell you how long it takes us to wash and put away clothes in our house. Of course, I also had her Halloween costume: she was a fairy last year and she insisted on wearing it. When Luke caught a glimpse of her wearing her costume, he insisted that he should be able to put his on too. So, I trudged upstairs and found his superman costume and the accessories to Evie's costume. They spent the rest of the day and evening running around as a fairy and superman. Evie screamed bloody murder when it was time to take off the costume for bed. I had to promise her that she could put it back on when she got home from school the next day. We also had a very lengthy conversation as to why she could not wear her costume to school the next day. Still, she insists that she should be able to wear it to her birthday party in a few weeks. Here they are, my pride and joy:
I guess I need to change the date on my camera.

Luke and Evie have also taken to wrestling this weekend - a new phenomenon in our household. I wonder how long that will last. They roll around on the floor like a couple of puppies and Chuck and I (being the civilized parents that we are) look at them in confusion and wonder where they came up with this new game. We certainly have nothing against wrestling - some of my favorite parents engage in this sport with their kids - but we really don't do that and never have. The kids think it is hilarious. They must know something that I don't.


roxy said...

loved that naked reading picture! you must keep your house warmer than we do because alex shivers like a cold wet puppy when he is just missing his shirt.

Dave was hanging out with us all week and I TOLD him to call you guys, but I think he got into CS too late. We have enjoyed his company as well, and Alex is his biggest fan. Those two were best friends in about 2 seconds and alex has never called him anything but SuperDave. How cute is that? They really love each other, it is so much fun to watch.

Sorry you had a bad week, but happy to see that some naked reaidng and costume parading cheered you up!!

lisawitt said...

Ha, the picture of Evie is priceless! That will have to be in her wedding montage one day! ;-)

Glad you had fun in CS too!

Loved the costume pics tooo!

How is George these days? :)