Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Apple Pie No. 1

It wasn't a disaster, but I wouldn't make it again. Unfortunately, I think I have to blame Chuck for this one, partly. First, I used the Betty Crocker recipe. This calls for you to squirt some lemon juice on the apples. I was trying to get the pie into the oven before we sat down to dinner so I asked Chuck to put some lemon juice on the apples while I mixed up the sugar mixture. I have to admit that he asked, "How much?" and I simply responded with, "I dont' know, just squirt some on there." (Obviously cutting corners with bottled lemon juice whereas Martha Stewart would have squeezed a real lemon). Then I went on to prepare and bake the beautiful pie. All was well until I took my first bite of the golden pie, and then it was more than a bit tart from the lemon juice. I'm not even sure I'm going to eat any more of it. Sadly, that is probably $10 down the drain, but while it sits on my counter on a cake stand, it looks like I am the ultimate homemaker. Hell, I even made dinner last night, and tonight we're going to actually eat something called "leftovers." Weird, right?

Perhaps Chuck and I should just ditch our collaborative cooking. The last time we were both cooking in the kitchen, he asked for Cumin for the charro beans and I handed him Cinnamon.

As for the Halloween costumes, I'm almost sold on dressing like Bristol Palin, but I've got to convince Chuck to dress up as my Baby Daddy (full on with the Bristol tattoo on his left ring finger).

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lisawitt said...

I want pictures if you go as Bristol!! :)