Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Monday Sucks

So, Monday sucked so bad that I wanted to call it a week at 9:00 p.m. last night and not come back until next Monday. Sadly, the bills won't get paid that way, so I'm back at work to face the craziness. It really isn't that bad, but if feels that bad sometimes. Anybody else have those moments? Some days I just want to hang it all up and say "I don't need this." The problem is that I do need this, at least for now. Still, the work is pretty great, the firm is excellent, and I have a top-notch supervisor who is very supportive, kind, and ridiculously intelligent. He doesn't read this so no need to think I'm kissing his ass.

Work aside, things have been going alright. We had a big weekend. Evie turned 3 on Sunday! Like every parent I know, I can't believe how fast they grow up. Among other things, Evie got 4 Barbies for her birthday and she LOVES them. My mom particularly despises Barbies and the short reason is that she thinks Barbies lead to premarital sex. I think there's a disconnect in her evaluation, but I'm sure she'd be happy to explain it to you. Personally, I know many, many girls who had Barbies and I don't think that played any role in whether they engaged in premarital sex or not. You guys tell me? I think most people engage in premarital sex these days (barbies or not), but that's just my opinion. I digress.

Back to the boring post regarding my weekend:

Chuck went to the Aggie football game. Not pleasant, but I'm glad he still enjoys doing it even though the team isn't having a stellar season this year. Chuck is totally red-ass so I don't think the score matters so long as he and the players show up. Chuck tries to carry the dead weight of all the two percenters out there. I swear I think he thinks it is like Christmas magic. You know that movie Elf with Will Ferrell and there is the part where Santa's sleigh won't fly because not enough people believe in Santa or have Christmas cheer? Well, I think Chuck sees football season like that. If not enough people cheer or believe in the Aggies then they won't win. Accordingly, Chuck does his best to take up all the slack in the cheering and belief in the mythical Aggie National Championship so that the Aggies will win.

Otherwise, a pleasant weekend although I did spend my Friday night at McDonalds (yikes) and then shopping at Wal-mart. I never imagined my life like this, where a Friday night could be so easily (and painfully consumed) by 30 four year olds running around and screaming at the McDonald's playland. And Saturday was similarly occupied with entertaining the children on my own. Lucky for me, I have another similar weekend ahead of me as Army plays at A&M on Saturday.

On the bright side, my Cowboys trounced the Packers in Greenbay! Congratulations Boys! Like Chuck, I believe in the magic of team spirit, and I had the kids and myself totally decked out in Tony Romo jerseys for the game.

Hope Tuesday is better than Monday! Peace out.

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