Friday, September 12, 2008

Luke v. Soccer: Round 2

Hurricane Ike wins. All games cancelled.

Now what do I do with my Saturday morning? The Houston refugees were looking forward to watching Luke cry and cower in the goal box, but now I guess we have to find an alternative form of entertainment.

Maybe we can point fingers and make fun of my poor dog Fergi who is currently suffering through life with a cone on her head. It's a hard knock life. Her paw became infected after her stint at the kennel over Labor Day weekend. We're finally on the mend after two vet visits, two types of antibiotics, one antibiotic topical ointment, and two rounds of pain killers. Lucky bitch.

What is most amazing is that she can squeeze throught her doggie door with this enormous cone around her head. I still won't let her out in the backyard by herself because I'm afraid she'll jump in the pool and drown herself (and I would never know if it was a suicide or an accident).

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lisawitt said...

hope the rain isnt too bad for you guys tomorrow! we are riding it out here but no rain yet!

i totally understand about the house too. after we closed on our current house yesterday, i got in the car and cried. its been a good home!