Thursday, December 22, 2011

Kurzy Christmas

I seriously love the holidays. LOVE! Anyway, we were lucky to celebrate Christmas with my family last weekend and I managed to get some pictures to memorialize the event. All six siblings together always makes for a fun day - especially when everyone isn't rushing off right away. And so, here is our photographic journey through a Kurzy Christmas (eliminating the wine and food consumed).

My mom and my sister Joan

My sister Mary and my sister Joan

My sister Cathy, my mom, and my sister Joan
(Joan was feeling photogenic that day)

The whole family.
Mary, Mom, Thomas, Joan (back row);
Cathy, Mike, Theresa (front row).

Notice how we basically look like clones.
A little creepy, I'll admit it.

My dad who passed away 21 years ago is also in this
picture -- he's in the picture on the wall behind us.

My nephew Colt and niece Amy.

Controlled chaos -- or maybe not really that controlled.

It's a beautiful Christmas for me. Everyone together, kids having a blast, and plenty of fun for the adults also. Blessed beyond measure.

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