Thursday, December 1, 2011

TCU Santa Time

Our sweet nannies, Sarah and Meridith, asked to take the kids to the Christmas Tree lighting at TCU last night. I was more than willing to spend an evening with my sweet hubby, and I knew the kids would love it. I, however, did not realize how awesome it would be for them.

They had a great time! First, the girls took the kids to dinner. Then, they went to the event where they had hot chocolate, saw pretty Christmas lights, hugged on their very pretty nannies, saw Vixen, and got to talk to Santa. Lucky kids!

Doesn't Luke look naughty?!

We are so blessed to have Sarah and Meridith in our lives!
How cute are they?!


Mom said...

Love the pictures. Yes, they are great young ladies from TCU and they are so good with your three little ones.

FWAtty said... I guess bows are back in style for people over than cute little children. Wondering if I could pull one off at work. : )

FW Atty said...

oops that should have said "other" than. PS--love the pics! Your little ones are so super cute!

Theresa said...

Yes, bows are definitely in!

Angie said...

What amazing young ladies! Your kids will remember that forever. Everyone is so stinkin adorable in those pictures. :) I am sure, however, that if I wore a cute bow it wouldn't look quite that good.