Thursday, December 15, 2011

Not just your ordinary Tuesday.

So Tuesday was a big day for the children at my house. We knew it was going to be big because it was (1) George's third birthday, and (2) the day of Luke's holiday presentation at school -- which couldn't come soon enough because he's been singing Oh Hannukah (in Yiddish) repeatedly for weeks! It wouldn't be so bad, but he was singing it in Yiddish most of the time, and the only other song in his repetiore is some spanish song about a bird in an apple tree singing "Chita-litta-lee" over and over again. It's been constant, and a huge surprise to his Sunday School teachers when he busted out the Yiddish song and bragged that he can sing in three languages: "English, Spanish, and Yiddish". Yeah, that's my kid. I digress.

The point is that we had a wonderful time celebrating both wonderful events.

We even started our morning out at Starbucks with a delicious chocolate doughnut, compliments of the Starbucks staff. Best. Starbucks. Ever!

Unfortunately, I got crappy pictures at Luke's event because I only had my iPhone. Oh well. The sweetest part was hearing the precious little voices singing Silent Night. It was one of those moments I'll always remember.

Afterward, we went to have pizza (George's choice) for dinner. Perrotti's is our family's personal favorite, so we went there. George consumed three regular-size pieces of pizza. No lie.

Obviously, he was not hungry for his birthday cake, but he did enjoy blowing out the candles.

(Again, remember this is all on my iPhone)

Then he tore into his presents, discovering a Mickey Mouse DVD, a paint with water book, a Thomas the Tank Engine Pillow, a Thomas the Tank Engine fuzzy blanket, and finally . . . George's favorite . . . a train.

We had to pry the train out of his hands to get him to go to bed. Luckily, he had his pillow and blanket to ease his separation anxiety.

Although George and Luke were the center of attention most of the day, Evie pulled out a spotlight moment at the end of the evening when her tooth fell out. Yes. Another freakin' tooth. The tooth fairy is losing money.

I insisted on taking a picture. It's a bottom tooth on the right side of the picture. On a related note, I really don't know how to stop these crazy eyes that she gets when she smiles. Seriously, I told her I had to take the picture again and that she needed to smile but not open her eyes so wide. The result is a picture that looks like my child just lost her tooth while she was toking up.

Suggestions on curing this problem are welcome.


JennW said...

I'm sorry the "crazy eyes" comment made me laugh out loud! Mine does the same thing and she thrusts her chin out too!

Mom said...

Evie has her crazy eyes and Luke has his crazy smile.

Angie said...

I love reading about your family. It's wonderful that you all have so much fun together. :)

Thanks for sharing the great pictures. I don't take very good pictures either so, once again, I'm really not able to give any good advice.