Monday, January 30, 2012

Catching up . . .

Wow, guys! I had no idea it had been a whole WEEK since I posted. I'm really falling down on the job. Truth be told, Chuck was out of town for the beginning part of last week and I spent Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday in Dallas at an Advanced Employment Law continuing legal education class. Sounds ridiculously thrilling, right? :) Truth is, I learned so much at my class last week and actually enjoyed it! I can't help myself, I just love learning.

In spite of the craziness of last week, I have to tell you, I've been doing pretty well. Getting through the days and the nights. We even had a wonderful weekend together with lots of family time and an entire evening with our friends Caroline and Wayne at a fancy schmancy restaurant celebrating Caroline's birthday.

Friday I surprised the kids with a trip to the bowling alley. (Chuck was out of town.) We had pizza, and they kicked my butt.

George was actually more interested in carrying the ball around and balancing on it.

On the first game, I scored 51 and Luke scored 109.

The other two, including the three year old, were somewhere in between. I was pissed that they wouldn't let me use bumpers too. The second game allowed me to redeem myself, but Evie still won the game with a score in the 80s. Luke could probably blame his loss on me since I bowled for him while he spent half the game in the bathroom. I checked on him 5 times and even walked in twice to make sure he wasn't being molested -- I'm a little crazy like that. Turns out he just had some business to attend to and could have used a newspaper. I promise you that a bowling alley is one of the last places I'd like to attend to business of that nature. I digress. The good news was that George only threw his ball down somebody else's lane once and in spite of his ball moving at a glacial pace down the lane every time, it only stopped half-way down once. Definitely a successful outing!

Sunday, I spent the morning recovering from a slight hangover and then we took the family out to the Rodeo. The shows were sold out, but we spent a good amount of time wasting our money on the Midway. Turns out Evie is fearless when it comes to roller coasters and other rides. She had a blast riding them with Chuck while Luke, George, and I waited on the ground. Love that girl! The two older kids also got to ride ponies. George wasn't interested.

They also got to pet Elsie and her calf.

And then we got a bag of cotton candy to round out the day.

Oh, and we finished the weekend with homemade lasagna (that I made), a bottle of wine, and the movie Midnight in Paris. Fantastic all around, including the lasagna!

Hope you all had just as wonderful a weekend as I did. Unfortunately, I started my Monday morning with my yearly exam which, frankly, is better than the dentist, so I shan't complain.

Do you like how I threw in the word "Shan't"? Seriously, the word is underutilized. I challenge you to use it in a sentence today.


Angie said...

Wow, after all of that fabulous fun wasn't it hard to come back to work? How neat that you got to have so much fun family time. :)

P.S. I agree...learning is wonderful! :)

Lisa said...

love the rodeo pics...and that the kids beat you at bowling. hilarious! :)