Friday, January 6, 2012

He's happy naked.

I won't be overly surprised when he poses for Playgirl.

He refused to put his clothes on last night.

[pursuant to Chuck's request,
I have removed
these photos for
George's protection.]

We insisted on putting a diaper on him, but when we checked on him before we went to bed he was buck naked. We put on another diaper, but this morning he was naked again! Sheesh!


Angie said...

Those pictures made me laugh...a lot! What a funny little kid.

P.S. Have a great weekend! It seems like forever and a day since we've been in contact. miss ya!

Lisa said...

that is hillarious! what a fun kid...are all 3rd children that way?? :)

Mom said...

Reminds me of when Colt was at your house and told you it was naked time.

in my head said...

it happens, it just means he really trusts his family.

Joan said...

Colt was about that same age when 'nakie time" appeared at my house.