Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Who's that? Oh, it's me!

And I'm back!

Missed me, didn't ya'? Well, dry your tears, I have returned from the court house defeated. What can I say? You win some, you lose some. Good thing I'm not a sore loser.

Unfortunately, I've been sick since last Thursday, which put me even further behind with my entire life . . . including, sadly, my running. I let it slip. My last run was six miles on the Saturday before trial. It's been over a week. I suck. I hope to get back in the swing of things, but I'm sad that I let it all slip so far. And that's all the pity I will allow myself. I'll have to get back to it asap.

Other than the trial, I haven't done much. Poor Chuck and the kids really missed me (or at least I try to convince myself that they did). I had the distinct pleasure of getting to be the official photographer of Luke's pinewood derby. I was volunteered by someone tall, smart, and funny. Any guesses? Yeah, I wasn't too happy, but I got a new camera out of the deal so I guess it's a wash. Nonetheless, I spent all day Saturday watching little boys and their dads race their wooden race cars with Cub Scouts. If you haven't heard of the Pinewood Derby, then just thank your lucky stars, glance at these pictures, and move on to the next topic in this blog post.

Luke won third place in his Den (yet, another Boy Scout term that I was unfamiliar with before Luke joined the scouts). We're proud of him and I think he had a good time. It was a very long day for the rest of us though. I'll grudgingly admit that it is interesting for a while, but severe boredom had set in by 3:00 p.m.

After being immersed in testosterone for a full day, Evie and I had a "Girlish Day" (her term, not mine) the next day. I was pretty sick still, but I dragged my happy ass out of bed, took a shower, got dressed, and went to see Beauty and the Beast with Evie at the movie theater. We also put make up on each other, painted each others nails, and watched princess movies at home to round out our Girlish Day. It was lots of fun, all at Evie's dictation. She's pretty cool, and she definitely looks older with makeup on her beautiful face.

I was fully recovered by Monday, but still taking it easy. It was tough though, because I watched the kids all day since it was a holiday. We ventured out to the movie theater to watch the latest Chipmunks movie, then took a ride on the train, and headed home for lunch and more movies. We are rather boring I guess, but these faces make me smile.


Angie said...

What a nice picture of you and your kids.

I missed you! It's good to have you back. :)

Mom said...

Evie is drop dead gorgeous with makeup on. You are going to have to keep a tight leash on her when she gets to be a teenager because all the boys will be after her. Loved all the pictures.

Angela said...

Love the picture of all of you at the end. :D