Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Baby Teeth

Luke had an emergency extraction this morning at the dentist's office.  He wasn't in pain or anything like that, but his adult tooth was coming in and his baby tooth wouldn't budge.  We tried to wiggle it for about a week, but it just didn't loosen up enough and finally I decided I had to take him into the dentist.  I'm glad we did because it turns out that it wasn't going to come out on his own and the doctor pointed out that he likely has a fungal infection on his top lip.  I swear I might be the worst mom ever; I just assumed he had been licking his top lip and drying it out.  Luckily, the dentist identifed it and gave us a prescription.  I'm so glad I took him in!

So now Luke has lost his four front bottom teeth -- three by extraction and one naturally.  All the rest of his baby teeth are firmly in place.  We've been instructed to wiggle them regularly to help those top teeth fall out.  We'll see.

Since our emergency appointment was at 7:30 this morning, we got a very early start and I had to drag all three kids to the dentist with me.  It was even more painful than you might imagine.  George wacked his sister in the head with one of the toys, and threw a fit when we had to leave.  After dishing out approximately $130 for the extraction of a teeny-tiny baby tooth, we left the office and went to have breakfast.  Unfortunately, it wasn't until after we got home at 9:00 that Luke realized he left his tooth at the office.  I instructed him to write a letter to the tooth fairy explaining what happened.  He seemed very unconcerned with the whole thing which leads me to believe that he's totally over the whole tooth fairy thing.  Oh well.

Then, to my surprise, I received a text from the dentist's office informing me that Luke left his tooth there and that the dentist (Dr. P) was willing to drop it off at our house this evening.  Can you believe that?!  It's like I live in a small town.  I love this place!

Next on our agenda is haircuts for all of them.  Just look at that shaggy hair!


Mom said...

What a great dentist to drop the tooth at your house.

Mom said...

I must be a bad grandmother since I also thought it was from licking his upper lip. Sometimes we can't win.