Friday, June 15, 2012

Still here . . . sort of.

I imagine this is probably one of the longest mid-week breaks in blogging.  The truth is that I have a ton to post.  Lots of pictures, stories, updates, but I'm worn out.  I'm tired.  Yes, it happens.  Even to me.  I have work, I have family, I have commitments.  This blog is one of them, but sometimes I fall down on the job and everything starts to get a little overwhelming.  So much to do.  I know you all know what I'm talking about.  So, I apologize for the absence, but I know I'll get back to this blog too.

So, for a little tidbit of news, Evie happily announced to me the other day that she tried to break Luke's arm so he could get a cast and she could sign it.  Luke eagerly nodded his head, clearly in agreement with the plan.  I burst out laughing.  Usually, I would try to coax more information - such as the motivation - out of them, but my fit of laughter was immediate and loud.  I did ask "how" they tried to break his arm.  The answer had something to do with Evie trying to bend it.  Shaking my head, I told them, "Please don't try that again, okay?"  They seemed unpersuaded, but here's hoping.

On another note, the kids finished their two weeks of swim lessons.  They're great!  George was even putting his face in the water on his own at the end of the second week.  Hopefully we can reinforce all the good work at home in our own pool this summer.

And finally, here's some shot's of George's tee-ball team pictures.  God, they are so adorable, it takes my breath away!

This is the team shot.

This is one of them getting ready for the picture. 
Look how bored George looks! 
Cracks me up.

And, then in this one you can see George's self-proclaimed girlfriend.  She's picking her nose just like George, so I'm sure it's a match made in heaven.  Plus, I like her and her parents.  Convenient!

The season ends next week.  Only two games to go, but it has been fun to watch!


Angie said...

Those T-ball pictures are adorable! I just loving seeing pictures like much fun. Thanks for sharing!

By the way...Yes, I miss you. Yes, I completely understand the craziness. Yes, I'll eagerly await your return. And Yes, I'll be thinking of you. :)

Angela said...

LOL at George and the girlfriend. Love that Evie and Luke only see having a cast as fun - hope that they don't get one!!

Love and miss you!