Tuesday, July 17, 2012

"I need a cat."

So the kids are spending time with Chuck's sister Sarah and her husband Robert and their four kids this week before heading home.  Last night all three of them spent the night with their cousins.  Bless Sarah and Robert for even considering having seven kids in their house at the same time.  While I'm thrilled that they are spending time with that family, because honestly, these are some of the greatest parents ever, I'm very, very worried that I might end up with one of the four kittens that they recently rescued and have living at their house right now. (Talk about a run-on sentence there.)  And I now have proof that I should be worried.  Robert posted this on facebook this morning:

Overheard conversation:

Sarah: Can I help you George?

George: I need a cat.

Sarah: The cats are playing somewhere else right now.

... George: I need a cat.

Sarah: If you go upstairs and lay down one of the cats will come and lay next to you.

George: I need a cat.

(cat streaks down the stairs and heads for parts unknown.)

George: I need a cat. Where's a cat?

Sarah: Just go to sleep and when you wake up there will be a cat.

George (walking back to bed): I need a cat.
Heaven help us if they show up with a cat.  More correctly, heaven help the cat because the dogs will not do well with that.

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Mom said...

Gotta love George. He has a one tract mind when it comes to wanting a cat.