Monday, July 30, 2012

I neither agree nor disagree, but this is an interesting article for mommies to read. 

The Tyranny of the 'Sexy Mom'

I admit that I really want to be a "sexy mommy" but I also recognize that there is more to life than how hot I am, or am not.  That's not to say that I'm not working my a$$ off right now to get into shape for my anniversary.  In fact, I'm down almost 13 pounds, but I have at least 10 more to go.


Angie said...

Very interesting. You're right though, I wouldn't mind looking nice (at least better than I look now). In fact, I would love to be that adorable new mom sporting a cute little outfit and a newborn but that's just never going to happen. I'm looking forward to getting back into shape and, for once, I'm not feeling overwhelmed but excited about it.

We have a very good school not far from us that we could possibly send Rachel to but every time I think about it I cringe. The mothers at that school are mostly rich SAHMs with nothing to do but hit the gym after they drop their kids off and having to "compete" with them is a sickening feeling...enough to make me think twice about sending Rachel there.

Mom said...

girls, the most important job you have is not worrying about your sexy shape, bu rather the way you raise your family with good family values.